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April 2024

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Latest Politics

Asshole of the Month: Mike Pence

If by some dark twist of fate Donald Trump gains the White House, with all of his many contradictory statements and positions, how would he really run the country? Thanks to his pick for Vice President, we now know: Mike Pence, current governor of Indiana, would actually be in charge, while his nominal boss would...

Asshole of the Month: Paul Ryan

Ever since Paul Ryan was picked as Mitt Romney’s VP sidekick for their failed 2012 campaign, he’s been the standard-bearer for the GOP. Along with Mitch McConnell in the Senate, he has spearheaded the scorched-earth strategy of the past eight years—knee-jerk opposition to anything and everything Obama and the Democrats have proposed, however reasonable and...

Asshole of the Month: Curt Schilling

Baseball has a reputation as the American sport most beloved by conservatives, or at least by conservative pundits and blowhards. Why? Right-wing guru George Will once said, “It has no clock, no ties and no Liberal intrusions into the organized progression.” Daniel Foster from the National Review further explained: “It’s reliable, dependable, faithful, and I...

Asshole of the Month: Ted Cruz

For the diminishing percentage of Americans nostalgic for the good ol’ days, when rich white men exclusively ruled the roost, “godly” Puritans burned witches in Salem and greedy robber barons ran amok with no regulation by the “tyrannical” Federal government, there is one hero above all others: the radical-right senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. But...

Asshole of the Month: Dan Flynn

If you want to abolish something completely legal, but don’t have the political support to back you, there’s a sneaky workaround: Create a maze of absurd, costly regulations to render whatever you’re trying to abolish inaccessible or impossible to practice or own. That’s how marijuana and industrial hemp, for example, were effectively “outlawed” by the...

Asshole of the Month: Rick Snyder

Life has been tough for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder this year. His approval rating has tanked, and he has been constantly heckled by irate citizens everywhere he goes. Dining out in an Ann Arbor restaurant with his family back in January, he was nearly run out on a rail. If tarring and feathering were still...

Asshole of the Month: Jim Jordan

Representative Jim Jordan from Ohio may be the most extreme, far-right legislator in all of Congress, earning a perfect score from the American Conservative Union. What did he have to do to earn this dubious honor? First, he corraled 78 freshmen radicals into a posse called the Republican Study Committee andwent headhunting for heretics who...

Asshole of the Month: Donald Trump

Donald Trump has shocked the nation by leading the dense pack of contenders for the Republican Presidential nomination, prompting even the anointed candidate of the GOP establishment, Jeb Bush, to allegedly call him a “buffoon,” “clown” and “asshole.” It’s not hard to understand Trump’s appeal: For an electorate long weary of the mealymouthed evasions and...

Asshole of the Month: Trey Gowdy

The Tea Party is rhapsodic over its new gunslinger in Congress—South Carolina’s Representative Trey Gowdy, a former hotshot prosecutor and alumnus of Baylor University, mecca of the Southern Baptist faith. Gowdy won his seat against fellow Republican and longtime incumbent Bob Inglis Sr. in 2011, after Inglis cast too many sane and rational votes for...

Asshole of the Month: Mark Meadows

One of the Tea Party’s new young guns in Congress, Representative Mark Meadows— elected in 2012 from North Carolina—launched a radical insurgency against the Republican old guard last summer with a move to depose House Speaker John Boehner. Meadows and his fellow bomb throwers believed Boehner and the GOP leadership were just not conservative enough,...
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