July 2020

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Media Meltdown Over Bernie

As Bernie Sanders began to surge toward the nomination earlier this year, media commentators flipped into full freak-out mode—and I’m not primarily talking about Fox News, but rather the “liberal” network, MSNBC. Chris Matthews led the derangement parade, comparing Bernie’s surge to Hitler’s 1940 conquest of France. He then continued on an absurd rant...

Trump’s GOP in Retreat

At a 2016 campaign rally, Trump promised that Republicans would win so big under his leadership, they would all get headaches and beg, “Please don’t win so much!” Like everything else that comes out of his puckered piehole, it was an ego fart completely divorced from reality. Since Trump has been in office, Republicans...

Trump the Hit Man

To ring in the New Year, our impulsive clown in the White House, acting like a mob boss, ordered a hit on the second most powerful man in Iran, General Qasem Soleimani, while he was driving away from the Baghdad airport. This assassination—contrary to both American and international law—was a drastic escalation in Trump’s...

What “Raging” Economy?

With his typical bogus hype, Trump likes to brag that the economy is the greatest of all time. He cites the bullish stock market (as if this actually affects most Americans’ bottom lines) and the relatively low unemployment rate. But what he doesn’t tell us is that so many of these new jobs are...

The Crucifixion of Katie Hill

It was the very definition of a political travesty when Katie Hill, a first-term Democratic representative from California, resigned after explicit private photos of her were published by the right-wing website RedState. The site alleged an inappropriate affair with a legislative aide. The photos were reportedly supplied by Ms. Hill’s estranged husband, and the...

Impeachment Must Pull No Punches

A little over two years ago I offered a $10 million reward for information leading to the impeachment of Donald Trump. I was more than willing to pay in full to get this dangerous imposter out of office. Unfortunately we didn’t uncover a smoking gun at that time. Still, I was confident Trump would...
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