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HUSTLER: The Beginning

Anyone can be a playboy and have a penthouse, but it takes a man to be a Hustler. With this philosophy in mind, we are launching the most sophisticated men’s magazine of the century. Some of you...

HUSTLER: The Photos

THE RAPE OF JUSTICE October 1979 Photography by James Baes While other magazines displayed airbrushed models seemingly sans genitals, Larry Flynt was not only spreading pink, but publishing creative,...

Liz Flynt: Chairwoman & Publisher

Liz Flynt, wife of the late, great Larry Flynt, is the picture of poise and determination. Once Larry’s nurse, she quickly learned the ropes at LFP (Larry Flynt Publications)...

HUSTLER: The Cartoons

Outrageous! Irreverent! Funny! They were the words Larry Flynt used to describe what he was looking for in a HUSTLER cartoon. Larry considered the cartoons to be as important, if not more important...

HUSTLER: The Photographers

MATTI KLATT Photographer Apart from Larry himself, few people had a greater impact on HUSTLER Magazine than the photographers, including wunderkind Matti Klatt. The German-born uber-talent...

Bruce David

EDITORIAL DIRECTOR “Bruce was working for Screw magazine and wrote a review of the very first issue of HUSTLER back in 1974. He said, ‘The new men’s upstart, HUSTLER, has just nudged out...

HUSTLER: The Stars

The beautiful women who have graced our pages over the past 50 years have been too numerous to count. (Trust us, we’ve asked interns to try, and well, they keep getting distracted.) Yet certain...

HUSTLER: The Beavers

EDITED BY MORGEN “TEX” HAGEN Two score and eight years ago, as Americans celebrated this country’s 200th birthday, Larry Flynt’s brainchild publication introduced a visual feature...

Morgen “Tex” Hagen

BEAVER HUNT EDITOR If you’ve ever thumbed through a copy of HUSTLER, then you are no stranger to Beaver Hunt, a staple of the magazine since 1976. Morgen “Tex” Hagen has lovingly curated the...

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Going All the Way
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Let’s Take Back Our Flag, America!

Publisher's Statement

Let’s Take Back Our Flag, America!

Fellow Americans, let’s take back our flag and wave it proudly for our country’s hard-fought freedoms. We cannot allow the Far Right to wrap themselves in the stars and stripes and slash away at our fundamental rights under the guise of patriotism. We must recognize the basic truth emblazoned on this issue’s cover, that patriotism…

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