April 2020

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The Pillowman (Classic Video)


I Fucked My Manny


Tail to the Chief: A Presidents’ Day Fuckfest

There’s no doubt that Americans are bitterly divided over politics these days. But Presidents’ Day is an opportunity for U.S. citizens to put their partisan differences aside and celebrate what truly makes this nation special—life,...

Fucking With Your Head: The Art of Mindful Sex

Yes, meditation can lead to better banging. No, that doesn’t mean sitting with your legs crossed and chanting, “Ommmmm…” for hours. Read on… If you’re like most guys, you charge into sex headfirst—usually with your...

Sunny Megatron: America’s Sex Edutainer

The co-host of American Sex Podcast is helping her listeners to Think Kink—and to have a few laughs while they’re at it.  If you’re thinking about going into sex podcasting because you want to get...

The War on XXX: Fight for Your Porn

The war against pornography is intensifying. Censorship, restriction and First Amendment fuckery could reign supreme if campaigns from pseudo-scientists, the religious right and conservative politicians are successful. The demonization of porn is nothing new, but...
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Larry's Statement
What “Raging” Economy?

With his typical bogus hype, Trump likes to brag that the economy is the greatest of all time. He cites the bullish stock market (as if this actually affects...


“I cannot tell a lie. However, I am fluent in alternative facts and bullshit!”

“Barkeep, I’ll have what he’s having!”
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"Anyone can be a playboy and have a penthouse, but it takes a man to be a HUSTLER."

- Larry Flynt


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