July 2020

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Big Butt Volleyball Bush Babes


First Taste of Brown Sugar


So You Wanna Be a Cam Star?

Thinking about camming for a living during these difficult times? Let these experienced performers provide you with some essential advice. Camming shows are a fantastic way to engage in real-time action with some of the...

Boning Up: The Missy Martinez Guide to Anal Sex

If you’re in the dark about buttholes and how to please them, fear not—Missy Martinez is here to take your hand and lead you up the ol’ dirt road. Anal: It’s the ultimate four-letter word....

Robot Revolution: Will Your Job Survive?

Robots are rapidly taking over basic and advanced tasks performed by doctors, lawyers, engineers, educators, journalists, artists, musicians, IT professionals and even investment bankers. And they are doing it with an efficiency, reliability and, above...

Queen of the High-Tech Sex Toys

After getting the heave-ho from CES last year, pleasure-product pioneer Lora Haddock DiCarlo took on the organization behind the event—and scored a major victory. We talk to the entrepreneur about her campaign for sex-tech acceptance....

Ariana Marie: HUSTLER’s May Queen

It takes a special woman to appear in HUSTLER as many times as Ariana Marie has, and Ariana Marie is certainly special. Her numerous appearances in the pages of America’s Magazine have a pretty special...

HUSTLER Classic: Sun Strokes

This year, spring arrived just in time for many of us to be ordered indoors in an effort to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. With summer fast approaching, a good number of us...

Talking Trash with Michael Rapaport

Thanks to 25 years of standout roles in movies, sitcoms and now Netflix’s Atypical, Michael Rapaport is a pretty big star. But unlike many celebrities, Rapaport doesn’t hold back. He doesn’t speak through publicists or...

Of Sluts and Scholars

Nicoletta Heidegger wants to help you fuck smarter with her podcast Sluts and Scholars. We spent some time with the therapist and sex guru to learn more about her mission. I go into my interview...

Riley Star Opens Up

Once a bashful pizza-joint employee in small-town Florida, Riley Star has made the transition to full-blown porn sensation. HUSTLERMagazine.com caught up with the star of Petite Massage and Hot Blondes Riding Big Black Cock to talk about...

Stripping in Broad Daylight: A Day-Shift Dancer Reveals Her Secrets

Sure, most people associate strip joints with the after-dark hours. But frequenting a gentlemen’s club while the sun is still shining has benefits for clients and peelers alike. Read on for the lowdown from a...

Artie Lange: Whistling Past the Graveyard

Artie Lange spent the better part of nine years as Howard Stern’s side kick and today is a regular on Judd Apatow’s HBO show Crashing. His newest best-seller, Wanna Bet? A Degenerate Gambler’s Guide to...
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Larry's Statement
Media Meltdown Over Bernie

As Bernie Sanders began to surge toward the nomination earlier this year, media commentators flipped into full freak-out mode—and I’m not primarily talking about Fox News, but rather the...

"What?! You have a headache and said I should take care of myself, so I called your sister."

“You know you’re getting old when you start having dry dreams and wet farts.”

"I used to think all medical plans were pretty much the same."
Hardcore Since '74

"Anyone can be a playboy and have a penthouse, but it takes a man to be a HUSTLER."

- Larry Flynt


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