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September 2020

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  • Brushing Up on Going Down: The Pros’ Guide to Eating Pussy
  • The Business of Pleasure: How to Succeed in Sex Work (by Really Trying)
  • Three Is a Magic Number

Chris Winn: Roaming Renaissance Man

After cutting his teeth studying under tattoo icon Rick Walters, Chris Winn became a go-to L.A. artist in his own right. The multi-talented tattooer/musician now roves the world at large in a constant search for new adventures.  Few tattooers on the planet can claim the kind of heritage that Chris Winn has. Not only has…

Wacky Wanking: 9 Wild Masturbation Stories

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are having less sex and even being instructed to wear a mask when bumping uglies. Luckily, masturbating is safe and a long-term option for those afflicted with the illness of permanent horniness.  While masturbating is a solo pastime, it by no means needs to be boring. To prove this,…

Stepping It Up

September 16 is National Stepfamily Day, which celebrates the blended families in America.  With that in mind, we’re taking a deep dive into the HUSTLER Video library to highlight titles that, like National Stepfamily Day, celebrate the wonders that can occur when families that develop from different clans come together.  Barely Legal #177: Stepdaughters Stepfamily…

HUSTLER Classic: Counting on It

If you get the feeling that things just don’t add up these days, don’t feel bad—you aren’t alone in that sentiment.  And also rest assured in the knowledge that adding things up has been a challenge for plenty of people throughout the ages.  Take, for instance, the beautiful but math-challenged Honey at the center of…

Gut Feelings

Media reports have suggested that women go nuts for guys with big guts—but is it true? We dive deep to get the real skinny. Men have been racking their horny little brains since the dawn of time trying to figure out what it takes to nail more women. And they’ve attempted every mating ritual in…

Fucking With Your Head: The Art of Mindful Sex

Yes, meditation can lead to better banging. No, that doesn’t mean sitting with your legs crossed and chanting, “Ommmmm…” for hours. Read on… If you’re like most guys, you charge into sex headfirst—usually with your little head. But with a little training of your brain, that big head of yours can play a major part…

HUSTLER Triple Threat: Kiera Winters

Ask most people what they know Idaho for, and the first—and probably last—word out of their mouth will be “potatoes.” But the Gem State also gave us an export that’s considerably tastier than a plate of spuds: sweet little sexpot Kiera Winters, a three-time HUSTLER Honey and the subject of this installment of HUSTLER Triple…

James Cromwell: Actor/Activist

The six-foot-six actor frequently portrays powerful men, from Charles Keating in The People vs. Larry Flynt to the warden in The Green Mile to actual and fictitious presidents: George H.W. Bush in Oliver Stone’s W. and Robert Fowler in Tom Clancy’s The Sum of All Fears. His list of roles is impressive and staggeringly long….