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Your Daly Dose

When was the last time Fabio cornered you on the power of protein? Or you got paid to be Bill Murray? Or totally fooled the world into thinking that you were the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Such are the...

Pet Selfies

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Robot Revolution: Will Your Job Survive?

Robots are rapidly taking over basic and advanced tasks performed by doctors, lawyers, engineers, educators, journalists, artists, musicians, IT professionals and even investment...

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Lana Rhoades

Timeless Beauty

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Felicia & Gina

It’s the Clit, Stupid

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Alina West

Tiny Dancer

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Danica Dillon

Mommy Dearest

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Alix Lovell

Blond Ambition

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Anna Lee

Wicked Good

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Publisher's Statement

The GOP Just Sold Your Porn History

In March Senate Republicans voted to repeal the Federal Communications Commission rules protecting the privacy of your online activity. The House followed suit, and Trump signed off on the stinker in April. Now the telecoms that provide your basic service can sell the records of what you do online to anyone or any company for…

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Fuck the French

Fuck the French

Axel Braun’s Brown Sugar

Axel Braun’s Brown Sugar

Lesbian Art of Seduction

Lesbian Art of Seduction

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Zoey Sands

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Scary Apprentice

Honestly, I have tried to cut Donald Trump some slack by refusing to pile on with the Russia-bashing. I strongly believe that it reflects an absurdly out-of-date Red-baiting of...

More War

In early April, as President Donald Trump’s approval ratings were near the lowest they’d been since taking office, a suspected chemical attack killed dozens of civilians —including many children—...
Asshole of the Month: Kris Kobach

Asshole of the Month: Kris Kobach

Times seem bleak for progressives right now, with the GOP triumphant in the House and Senate and a seriously unstable egomaniac running the whole show. But the Republicans know...