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December 2023

Azura Grace
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Latest Politics

Asshole of the Month: Lauren Boebert

Colorado, a formerly purple state, has been shifting to the left in recent years, even beating California and other blue states to the punch in legalizing recreational marijuana in 2012. But head westward from the green Rocky Mountain highs around Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, and you’ll find the legal pot dispensaries drying up, like...

Asshole of the Month: Tommy Tuberville

In the American South, aka the Bible Belt, two institutions reign supreme, with legions of fanatical devotees congregating on weekends to celebrate together. On Sundays they meet in Christian chapels, and on the preceding Saturdays, they convene in stadiums to worship college football teams with the same fervor. According to a Pew Research Center Religious...

Asshole of the Month: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Challengers to an incumbent President from his own party or third parties have never been successful in America. Eugene McCarthy failed to unseat LBJ in 1968, Reagan lost his first Presidential bid against Gerald Ford in 1976, Edward Kennedy fell short against Jimmy Carter in 1980, and Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot both fizzled in...

Asshole of the Month: Jesse Watters

While the air we breathe grows hotter and more foul by the year, at least we can be thankful for a reduction in airwave pollution lately: Bill O’Reilly was canned by Fox in April 2017 after The New York Times reported that the company had shelled out $13 million in sexual-harassment suit settlements to five...

Asshole of the Month: Tim Scott

The GOP clown car of Presidential candidates will have to stretch into a limo soon to accommodate all of the long-shot hopefuls crowding the race, including Tim Scott, one of only three current Black U.S. senators (there have been only 11 total in history) and the only Black person to serve in both chambers of...

Asshole of the Month: Asa Hutchinson

As the Great Orange Doofus continued fighting his never-ending legal problems (indicted on 34 felony counts by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg in April), a cavalcade of ambitious Republican hopefuls sniffed blood in the water and entered the race for the 2024 Presidential nomination. It’s a new parade of clown cars, ranging from the ridiculous and...

Asshole of the Month: Tucker Carlson

Fox News pioneered the dark art of pandering to the right-wing mob’s baser instincts to boost ratings and profits. But we really had no idea how hypocritical the whole charade had been until the stunning revelations flushed out in March by the Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6-billion lawsuit against Fox. Rupert Murdoch, Sean Hannity and the...

Asshole of the Month: Sarah Hukabee Sanders

This past February, President Biden delivered what most unbiased observers praised as one of the best State of the Union (SOTU) addresses ever—a masterful performance by a veteran politician at the top of his game. His alleged senility was proven to be nothing more than partisan bullshit as he eloquently touted the many accomplishments of...

Asshole of the Month: George Santos

Republicans were gleefully predicting a red wave miracle in last year’s midterm elections. Like Moses parting the Red Sea, it would drown Democrats and allow the MAGA tribe to wade into the promised land: domination of the House and Senate in D.C. and state legislatures and gubernatorial offices nationwide. But the big wave turned out...

Asshole of the Month: Kari Lake

The January 6th committee closed out the year with a big Christmas gift to the country—Donald Trump referred for criminal charges after leading America’s equivalent of Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch. So it’s hopeful that we’ll be spared more of this disastrous carnival barker in the future. He may well be legally barred from running for...
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