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February 2022

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Latest Politics

Asshole of the Month: Steve Bannon

The batshit crazy godfather of the alt-right movement, Steve Bannon, is treading in a deep cesspool now that his role in fomenting the January 6th insurrection is finally coming to light. A member of Trump’s inner circle and a bellicose pusher of the Big Lie regarding the outcome of the 2020 election, Bannon was held...

Asshole of the month: Kristi Noem

Donald Trump may be out of the spotlight for now, slumping down in the fever swamps of Florida like a submerged gator, plotting his 2024 comeback, but his brigades of loyal Trumpites—many of whom got elected on his coattails—are still in power in Washington, D.C., and numerous states. They despised him at first, along with...

Asshole of the Month: Brett Kavanaugh

Ever since Chief Justice Earl Warren presided over the Supreme Court’s great expansion of civil rights laws in the 1960s, conservatives have been bitching about so-called “activist” liberal judges taking over the role of Congress in deciding how the nation should be governed. The judges should just abide by the strict letter of the Constitution,...

Asshole of the Month: Tony Perkins

Christian conservatives have long sought to legislate their version of morality, enforcing their religious beliefs on the population at large. But to do this as Americans, they have to wear a one-eyed blindfold, ignoring what the Founding Fathers ordered in the Constitution: separation of church and state. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and company had seen enough...

Asshole of The Month: Greg Abbott

Republican governors now control a majority of U.S. states, 27, meaning there is stiff competition for most backward Asshole governor in the nation. Leading the pack, along with Ron DeSantis of Florida and a few others, is the cretinous caudillo of our most populous red state, Greg Abbott of Texas, who proves the old adage...

Asshole of the Month: Bill Cosby

The rise, fall and now supposed redemption of Bill Cosby—he was released from prison in late June after serving three years for sexual assault—is a complex story about the evolving emancipation of two defining identities in American culture: race and gender. For unfamiliar Millennials and the generations beyond, and boomers with bad memories…Bill Cosby was...

Asshole of the Month: Ron DeSantis

Leave it to Florida—home of the “Florida Man” meme and just about every freakish perversion known to humankind—to elect a governor truly representative of the state: the wild, woolly-brained wingnut Ron DeSantis. You would expect a man who graduated from both Yale and Harvard Law School to be more reasonable and better informed than the...

Asshole of the Month: Elise Stefanik

Now that we’ve been spared Donald Trump’s daily dose of illiterate bullshit for months—Twitter and Facebook have continued his suspension indefinitely—a lot of people think the nightmare is fully over. Not quite so fast. Like a resurrecting monster in a horror movie, Trump is clawing out of his electoral grave and terrorizing the nation with...

Asshole of the Month: Matt Gaetz

The state of Florida is famous for many things, but perhaps none so much as the “Florida man” meme: a chronic freak show of bizarre behavior unrivaled by any other place in the U.S. or even the world. It seems every week Florida headlines report insane news: a homeless man attacked by a face-eating cannibal;...

Asshole of the Month: Josh Hawley

Some people born with all the stars aligned for a successful life nevertheless manage to fuck things up with a few horrible decisions; they bet the whole farm on the wrong horse or hitch their wagon to a leader who turns out to be a false prophet. Then their soaring ambition flames out like a...
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