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May 2024

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Latest Politics

Asshole of the Month: Mitch McConnell

In the heated buildup to November, there has been a lot of chatter about the age of our Presidential candidates: How old is too old? Republicans allege, and even many Democrats worry, that Joe Biden may be coasting along past his expiration date. Donald Trump is certainly no spring chicken, and regardless of his alleged...

Asshole of the Month: Greg Abbott

After its successful war of independence from Mexico in 1836, Texas existed as an independent republic for nine years, until joining the United States in 1845. Then, in 1861, it seceded with the rest of the Confederate states to wage our bloody Civil War in defense of slavery. Ever since, there’s been a virulent suspicion...

Asshole of the Month: Harlan Crow

“Money is the root of all evil,” goes the old saying repeated by theologians and moralists. That might not be the whole story, but in the world of American politics, we can definitely say “dark money” has become the root of evil ever since our conservative-leaning Supreme Court green-lighted unlimited campaign spending with the 2010...

Asshole of the Month: Robert Mercer

In this century, a radical watershed moment in American government occurred in 2010 with the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling, allowing unlimited spending on political campaigns. This deplorable decision equated money with free speech, accelerating the transition from democracy to plutocracy (rule by the rich). Trevor Potter, former chairman of the...

Asshole of the Month: Mike Johnson

Choosing the speaker of the House of Representatives in Washington has usually been a routine, undramatic affair: The leadership of the party holding the majority selects a candidate, and the troops normally fall in line, voting almost unanimously to approve the new speaker. But the Republicans have turned this process into a dysfunctional clown circus....

Asshole of the Month: Lauren Boebert

Colorado, a formerly purple state, has been shifting to the left in recent years, even beating California and other blue states to the punch in legalizing recreational marijuana in 2012. But head westward from the green Rocky Mountain highs around Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, and you’ll find the legal pot dispensaries drying up, like...

Asshole of the Month: Tommy Tuberville

In the American South, aka the Bible Belt, two institutions reign supreme, with legions of fanatical devotees congregating on weekends to celebrate together. On Sundays they meet in Christian chapels, and on the preceding Saturdays, they convene in stadiums to worship college football teams with the same fervor. According to a Pew Research Center Religious...

Asshole of the Month: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Challengers to an incumbent President from his own party or third parties have never been successful in America. Eugene McCarthy failed to unseat LBJ in 1968, Reagan lost his first Presidential bid against Gerald Ford in 1976, Edward Kennedy fell short against Jimmy Carter in 1980, and Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot both fizzled in...

Asshole of the Month: Jesse Watters

While the air we breathe grows hotter and more foul by the year, at least we can be thankful for a reduction in airwave pollution lately: Bill O’Reilly was canned by Fox in April 2017 after The New York Times reported that the company had shelled out $13 million in sexual-harassment suit settlements to five...

Asshole of the Month: Tim Scott

The GOP clown car of Presidential candidates will have to stretch into a limo soon to accommodate all of the long-shot hopefuls crowding the race, including Tim Scott, one of only three current Black U.S. senators (there have been only 11 total in history) and the only Black person to serve in both chambers of...
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