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April 2023

Laura Desirée
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Latest Politics

Asshole of the Month: George Santos

Republicans were gleefully predicting a red wave miracle in last year’s midterm elections. Like Moses parting the Red Sea, it would drown Democrats and allow the MAGA tribe to wade into the promised land: domination of the House and Senate in D.C. and state legislatures and gubernatorial offices nationwide. But the big wave turned out...

Asshole of the Month: Kari Lake

The January 6th committee closed out the year with a big Christmas gift to the country—Donald Trump referred for criminal charges after leading America’s equivalent of Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch. So it’s hopeful that we’ll be spared more of this disastrous carnival barker in the future. He may well be legally barred from running for...

Asshole of the Month: Kanye West (Ye)

One thing history teaches us is that some of the greatest creative geniuses can also be flaming Assholes. The pioneering scientist Sir Isaac Newton was notorious for petty, vicious feuds with rivals, and even professed faith in alchemy. Picasso was a womanizer who used most of the women in his life like cheap doormats. Frank...

Asshole of the Month: Vladimir Putin

British historian Lord Acton wisely observed that “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” In modern times, there is no better example of this than Russia’s longtime leader Vladimir Putin, who now threatens to launch a nuclear holocaust with his invasion and annexation of eastern Ukraine. Putin started his career in that notorious...

Asshole of the Month: Dr. Mehmet Oz

If it’s true that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, what would be the second oldest? There are many possible candidates, but a good wager would be snake oil salesman. Humanity has always been afflicted with a terrifying array of diseases and maladies; before modern medicine, dealing with them was the province of witch doctors,...

Asshole of the Month: John Eastman

It was a long, hot summer, with parched farmlands and cities across the U.S. breaking all-time heat records. The hottest city of all was the nation’s capital, blistering from the heat of the House Select Committee’s January 6 hearings. Now, with enough evidence presented to support criminal indictments, Trump is playing his usual tune when...

Asshole of the Month: Clarence Thomas

It’s often said that people get more conservative as they grow older. People who were party animals in their teens and 20s eventually get married, have children, pay a mortgage and worry about their children’s future as much as their own. But it doesn’t necessarily translate into political conservatism. Then there are the assholes who...

Asshole of the Month: Marco Rubio

During his failed Presidential campaign in 2016, U.S. Senator Rubio was nicknamed “Little Marco” by Trump. Trump loved dishing out folksy monikers to belittle opponents, mostly dumb schoolyard bully taunts, but he may have really hit the mark with Rubio. Not because Marco stands only 5-9, but because he seems to possess a genuine Napoleonic...

Asshole of The Month: Samuel Alito

Since the dawn of civilization, human progress has often been slow: two steps forward, one step back…repeat. And it’s always the old guard—the tight-assed priests or rich, Ivy league frat boys—who turn the clock back, usually because their privileges are threatened or they think all contemporary problems can be solved by returning to the romanticized...

Asshole of the Month: Kevin Stitt

Oklahoma is the latest state reverting to the Dark Ages, when women had to use a coat hanger or seek a back-alley quack to get an abortion, thanks largely to Governor Kevin Stitt, another Bible-thumping Republican troglodyte. He signed off on the new bill that will charge any medical professional terminating a pregnancy at any...
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