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Is Stupid Winning?

How is it that the rich keep getting richer, the middle class has all but disappeared and the poor are slipping through ever-widening cracks? Why has the War on Drugs created more addicts and the War...

Jim Norton: Truth & Dare

There’s nowhere Jim Norton won’t go for a laugh. Getting his bare ass spanked by Robert De Niro on his Netflix special Mouthful of Shame? Check. Sharing with the world his penchant for analingus...

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Knotted & Nice

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Golden Light

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Bedroom Eyes

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Smile For Me

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In Praise of Older Men

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Publisher's Statement

No Is Not Enough!

If Democrats want to defeat the Republican cabal now in power, they need to be more than the Party of No. It’s not enough to simply bash Trump, who won mainly because he promised to help Main Street over Wall Street. Yes, Democrats need to draw attention to Trump’s repeated broken promises—everything he’s done since…

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Barely Legal Blowjob Academy

Barely Legal Blowjob Academy

Riley Goes Gonzo 2

Riley Goes Gonzo 2

Young & Glamorous 9

Young & Glamorous 9

Sugar Babies Love Their Sugar Daddies

Sugar Babies Love Their Sugar Daddies

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River Song

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Documenting Disaster

Republicans like John McCain, Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney once offered plans to help curb the effects of man-made greenhouse gases causing global warming. That ended in 2010, when...

Give Peace a Chance

The best thing about President Donald Trump, at least up to this point, is that he doesn’t seem willing to go to war with Russia. That’s a good thing...
Asshole of the Month: Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Asshole of the Month: Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Melissa McCarthy is no doubt crying. Sean Spicer, the butt of her hilarious send-ups on SNL, has finally resigned as White House press secretary. McCarthy may have killed this...