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July 2024

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Latest Politics

Going South

Are old white men genuinely nuts, or are they just throwing a collective tantrum? What is it about the Barack Obama Presidency that pushes so many of them over the edge? In this past election, white codgers—joined by some younger men who are dumb beyond their years—were exposed as the only major demographic group in...

Asshole of the Month: Greg Gutfeld

We weren’t sure Fox News’ late-night laxative had what it takes to be worthy of the world’s most feared award. But once we scratched his smarmy surface, we found enough shit to fill ten assholes. Greg Gutfeld got our attention with his potshots at HUSTLER’s publisher. “Larry Flynt is incapable of hypocrisy because he lacks standards...

We’re Not All Criminals and Terrorists

I was shocked and very pleased to see “Police Chiefs Urge Limits on Use of Drones” headlining a USA Today article. As more local police departments acquire—or anticipate “deputizing”— unmanned aircraft to conduct surveillance from our own skies, what could be troubling the mighty International Association of Chiefs of Police, whose members want to ride...

Toxic Reality

So here we go again. Another grand electoral battle in the world’s most celebrated democracy decided by largely ignorant voters heeding the power of money to deceive. Effectively befuddling the public with false arguments and insignificant choices, the 2012 Presidential election resolved nothing while leaving the nation in dire straits. The reason is that the...

Asshole of the Month: Laura Ingraham

You can tell an asshole by what spews out of it. In 2012, while professional complainer Laura Ingraham was guest-hosting The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, she finally blurted out her mantra in its most simpleton form: “I’d like for the Republicans to be in charge of everything.” As electioneering heated up and she realized...
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