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Larry Flynt for President

“Larry Flynt for President tells a story so wild that the documentary plays as a succulent time machine of sordid 1980s mishegas.” —Owen Gleiberman, Variety A new film chronicles the legendary...

Get a Fucking Job: Switching Careers From Mainstream to XXX

It takes courage and conviction to change careers. Some leaps, however, are more daunting than others. We all have dreams, but adult entertainment?...

Phil Hellmuth: Positivity & the Poker Brat

Whether Phil Hellmuth is the most obnoxious player in poker (his reputation) or the nicest (Phil’s own claim), one thing is certain: The Poker Brat is the...

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It’s Time to Tackle the Tax Dodgers

Publisher's Statement

It’s Time to Tackle the Tax Dodgers

The massive tax giveaway passed by the previous Republican Administration has turned out to be an even bigger gift to the ultrarich than expected. That bill lowered the corporate tax rate from 35% to a paltry 21%. Part of the argument for such a drastic reduction was that loopholes for tax evasion would be eliminated…

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Anal Savages 6

Anal Savages 6

Fantasy Roleplay Vol. 5

Fantasy Roleplay Vol. 5

My Neighbor’s Bush

My Neighbor’s Bush

Big Titty Office MILFs

Big Titty Office MILFs

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Asshole of the Month: Bill Cosby

Asshole of the Month: Bill Cosby

The rise, fall and now supposed redemption of Bill Cosby—he was released from prison in late June after serving three years for sexual assault—is a complex story about the...
Is Garland up to the Task?

Is Garland up to the Task?

Biden’s attorney general must step up to save Democracy and detour Trump’s “Road to Tyranny.” Nothing is gonna be easy for the new U.S. attorney general. Writing in Washington...