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Hot Letters

Twenty minutes to twelve. I glanced around me and saw couples tucked into booths; crusty, dusty regulars lined up at the bar; band groupies swaying and gyrating on the dance floor— and tons of...

Black Magic & Murder: The Underbelly of Crime

News stories that sound like horror movies. Dismembered corpses and desecrated graves, children sold off for ritual and the ghastly reality of human sacrifice....

Hot Letters

Crash! Startled awake by the sound of shattered glass, I began screaming. A huge, meaty hand clamped over my mouth. The room was too dark to see much—a black wool-cap mask, a bulky coat. I could...

Hot Letters

 Lilly’s long, slender legs were wrapped around my neck, and I was feasting on her pussy. It was a perfect pink pussy, with smooth, fat cunt flaps and a sensitive love trigger. Slit juice was...

Hot Letters

I about fell out of the closet when she started rimming him. She was tonguing my husband’s ass crack, licking all over his butt. Then finally she pushed her taster into his rosebud. I could see...

Judah Friedlander: World Champ

The man who calls himself World Champ has always done things his way. Judah Friedlander has written cartoon and karate books, starred on 30 Rock and in movies—with roles ranging from...

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Publisher's Statement

Today’s Activists Are Tomorrow’s Voters

Students in America keep getting slaughtered, and they’ve finally had enough, taking to the streets. In March tens of thousands of middle school and high school students nationwide walked out of their classes to protest the stubborn lack of gun reform by their supposedly wiser elders. Then later that same month, in Washington, D.C., and…

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The Female of the Species

The Female of the Species

Raw 32

Raw 32

My First Asian Lesbian

My First Asian Lesbian



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The Great Deregulation Con

Near the end of his first year in the White House, Donald Trump hosted an absurd episode of reality TV. Standing next to enormous stacks of blank paper in...
Asshole of the Month: John Bolton

Asshole of the Month: John Bolton

We almost feel sorry for Trump supporters, having to swallow one betrayal and flip-flop after another from their “populist” hero. It’s like they’re in a rancid-hotdog-eating contest, loyally gulping...

Reefer Madness?

Where were you when marijuana became legal in this country? Yeah, man, it happened, and you didn’t even notice. But not because you were stoned. Once the stuff is...