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Porn From the Past

We’re not sure exactly how many men Evelyn is doing in this photo. One clue might be her nickname, Evelyn Eleven. Thanks to J.H. of San Diego, California, for this vintage photo. Send your smut of...

Nick Hawk

For full access to the Nick Hawk empire, including his sexpert site, music and social media, go to The full line of Nick Hawk sex toys, fetish gear, books and jewelry is...

Catching Fire

Let’s start with the word dire. As in “I’m in dire need of a blowjob” or “We’re in dire need of a beer run.” Here’s one that matters: “The whole planet is in dire trouble.”...

HUSTLER Club Confidential

“Tickle our curves, but don’t try to dig into our crevasses. No pinching, no...

OFF! Unloads

The setting is a seedy Hollywood fast-food dive called Oki-Dog. Oriana Small is joined by two men: Dimitri Coats and Keith Morris. She’s a smut star turned writer and journalist. The men are...

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Megan and Rose- August 1985

2 Of A Kind

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Ariana Marie

Cloud Nine

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Sun Worship

Photography by Emmanuel Fouquet
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Gulliana Alexa


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Keisha Grey

Purple Haze

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Larry's Statement

An Unhealthy Attitude

In a glaring example of how divided our nation has be come, almost half the country is still refusing to comply with the law of the land. At this writing, 21 of the states in our Union have enacted laws and measures to opt out of or oppose provisions in the Affordable Care Act. Many…

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Sabrina & Samatha

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Asshole of the Month: Martha MacCallum

Asshole of the Month: Martha MacCallum

Fox News Channel chief Roger Ailes must be running a stupidity sweepstakes. He probably pays his bottle-blond Aryan airheads based on how high their sound bites score on the...

A Supreme Injustice

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order that Verizon hand over all its customer records to the...

To Hell With the Money Changers!

Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin hate Pope Francis, and that’s all the recommendation you need that he may be blessed with divine wisdom. Hallelujah and about time for a...