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Smooth Operator

Phone sex may seem like an anachronism, especially in the age of social media and HD streaming, but guess what: It’s alive and well—booming in fact, with a bottom line to the tune of eight...

Hot Letters

The Sex Diet  I’m passionate about food. My favorite? Warm chocolate sauce dribbled in swirls up Liza’s thighs, topped by a mound of whipped cream in her pussy. Honey’s nice too. And I enjoy...

Swinging Hacienda-Style: A Celebration of Sex

It all began ten years ago, when a newly single New York City hedge-funder named Andrew Sparksfire discovered the city’s underground sex parties. When the...

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The Crucifixion of Katie Hill

Larry's Statement

The Crucifixion of Katie Hill

It was the very definition of a political travesty when Katie Hill, a first-term Democratic representative from California, resigned after explicit private photos of her were published by the right-wing website RedState. The site alleged an inappropriate affair with a legislative aide. The photos were reportedly supplied by Ms. Hill’s estranged husband, and the geeks…

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About Her Emails

About Her Emails

How Donald Trump and the media played you for fools…and still do. “This is bigger than Watergate!” 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump promised. “We have only seen the tip...
The Endless Insanity of War

The Endless Insanity of War

Syria is yet another country where an active U.S. military presence violates our constitution. Sending troops to war, to be killed and kill others, ought to be a big...
Asshole of the Month: Jim Jordan

Asshole of the Month: Jim Jordan

Whenever Republicans get into trouble, overstep their authority and do end runs around the law—which, ever since Nixon, they seem to think is their privilege—they rely on a few...