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May 2024

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The Sex Diet 

I’m passionate about food. My favorite? Warm chocolate sauce dribbled in swirls up Liza’s thighs, topped by a mound of whipped cream in her pussy. Honey’s nice too. And I enjoy capping cherries, grapes or olives on my girl’s nipples. I nibble until my teeth are scraping and tugging on her tit buds and she’s moaning for my thick cock. Sometimes Liza will drizzle champagne down my ass crack, let it pool in my starfish and lick and suck it off. Mmm.

See, I used to be overweight—fat, really—not too long ago. I was a 22-year-old computer geek who only had sex online, if at all. It took my dad having a heart attack to finally get me to do something about it. So I hired a trainer, cut out absolutely everything that was bad for me. Damn near killed me too, but a year later I’m in shape. I’ve got tons of energy—and this cool girl named Liza. I met her in an internet chat room, some sort of under-30 fat-loss rock ’n’ roll support group. Our emails kept getting more and more sexual till we decided to meet in person—dinner at her place.

We’d exchanged photos, but still it was a shock when her door opened and I found myself staring straight at Liza’s cleavage. The girl had to be 6-3! Every inch of her smooth and muscular, lean and gorgeous. She had longest legs I’d ever seen! I had never been out with a woman who was taller than me. I would have thought it might be intimidating. But you know what? It was so powerfully sexy, my cock was throbbing tall in seconds.

Liza noticed, and somehow dinner was forgotten. We didn’t even make it to the bedroom. Kissing me passionately, she steered me to the dining room table. Looking back, I can see that was her plan all along—kinky girl.

She slipped off her dress, the only thing she was wearing, and lay back between the dinner plates, raised those long legs over my shoulders. My God, her pussy was beautiful—meaty, fat labes, a buttonhard pink clit peeking at me. I was about to lower my head when she picked up the champagne bottle.

I hadn’t had any alcohol but low-carb beer in a year, hadn’t had pussy in longer, and the combination made me ravenous. When she poured that luscious bubbly over her snatch, I attacked like a wild man, lapping up every drop. I spread her flaps so she could pour champagne directly into her fuck tunnel. When she climaxed, she ejaculated a fountain of pussy jizz.

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