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Pushing All In

HUSTLER: Congratulations! What was your winning hand? MARC: It was 9-7 offsuit. It was the first hand heads-up, and the flop was 9-6-5, so I had top pair and a gutshot. We ended up getting it all in,...

Porn From The Past

What do you say when the boss invites you over for a threeway? Absolutely! A raise is a raise. Thanks to B.O. of San Gabriel, California, for this vintage photo.  Send your smut of yesteryear...

Chanel Preston’s Stroke of Genius

Strange but true: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and XXX superstar Chanel Preston have a lot in common. I’m not talking about a shared affinity for double anal penetration. History...

HUSTLER History: A Very Sick Parody

HUSTLER Parody: This is not a real ad. It is a parody and is not to be taken seriously.  If nothing else, this will at least remind us that we’ve faced health crises before...

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Alina Long


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Ellena Woods

Joy Ride

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Larry's Statement

A Year Without Religion

Get ready for the year ahead. Judging by the last one, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. One of the biggest reasons for it, in my view, is religious fanaticism, an illness that blows everything out of proportion and halts progress in its tracks. The distortion of Fundamentalist beliefs—regardless of which religion—is one of…

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Aivalia Do’Urden

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Asshole of the Month: Andrea Tantaros

Asshole of the Month: Andrea Tantaros

This month’s assholette is only 35 years old, which is like puberty for the true shit heel. Assholes get more bitter and twisted over the years, eventually piling up...

Marching Down Blunder Road

Was Saddam Hussein a danger because his arsenal included weapons of mass destruction? That was the pretext for the 2003 Iraq invasion, which left thousands of American soldiers dead...

Money For Main Street!

When Foreign Affairs, the mouthpiece of the policy-setting Council on Foreign Relations, runs an article recommending that the Federal Reserve do a money drop directly on the 99%, you...