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Pushing All In
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Pushing All In

HUSTLER: Congratulations! What was your winning hand?

MARC: It was 9-7 offsuit. It was the first hand heads-up, and the flop was 9-6-5, so I had top pair and a gutshot. We ended up getting it all in, and I hit the 8 on the turn to make a straight.

What was your strategy?

It was funny ’cause I wanted to play, and my wife—I had been out of town for a couple days, and she’s like, “Well, I’d really rather you stay here.” And then she got tired and was like, “All right, go.” So I showed up late and didn’t have to rebuy, which was nice. You know, it was just play each hand. We never even got to a chop, and when we got to the final table, nobody even mentioned the chop, which was good ’cause I was the chip leader and really didn’t want to. When we got down to three, somebody suggested that we all wanted the trophy more than the cash, ’cause the cash was still good for third place, so we played it out. In terms of strategy, I was trying to play the player more than playing my cards.

Do you always do that?

Yeah, pretty much. I very rarely get a premium hand, so I have to do that. It really depends on the table. I change it up. I try to see how the other players are playing, and I can try and mix up my game. I can be aggressive or conservative; it just depends on how the table is going.

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