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HUSTLER Magazine's June 2020 Issue

Rimming, reaming, ramming: an all-out anal extravaganza. Learn all the Sex Hacking secrets from Kenneth Play and check out cover Honey Liv Wild living her Wild Life. As a bonus, we’ve also included the most sole-searching top 10 footsie pics of the decade.

Featuring Jojo Kiss, Aspen Ora, Emily Addison, Sophia Knight, Kara Danvers, Vienna Rose and Keira Croft.


Featured Articles

Kenneth Play: Sex Hacks for All

Whether he’s “the world’s greatest sex hacker,” as GQ magazine describes him, or “the world’s unlikeliest porn star,” as he describes himself, Kenneth Play...

The Truly Filthy Filthy Rich: Jeffrey Epstein, Et Al.

HUSTLER’s Resident Conspiracy Expert Explores the Link Between the Rich and Powerful and Sexual Blackmail Ops. When convicted sex offender Jeffrey...

Playing Footsie

An ode to the perfect ped: If you’re anything like us, you find steppers exciting, soles sensual, toes and arches—well, endlessly arousing. So we gave ourselves a gift. We combed through the last...

Featured Honeys

Liv Wild

Wild Life

Photography by Victor Lightworship
11 Photos

Sophia Knight & Emily Addison

Play Daze

Photography by Tammy Sands
12 Photos

Aspen Ora


Photography by Dave Naz
9 Photos

Kara Danvers

Power to the Pussy

Photography by Larry Flynt Productions
6 Photos

Jojo Kiss

Kiss My Ass

Photography by Larry Flynt Productions
6 Photos


Height of Perversity

Photography by Clive McLean
7 Photos
Trump’s GOP in Retreat

Larry's Statement

Trump’s GOP in Retreat

At a 2016 campaign rally, Trump promised that Republicans would win so big under his leadership, they would all get headaches and beg, “Please don’t win so much!” Like everything else that comes out of his puckered piehole, it was an ego fart completely divorced from reality. Since Trump has been in office, Republicans have…

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Stepfamily Anal Massage

Stepfamily Anal Massage

My Wife & I Tried DP

My Wife & I Tried DP

Axel Braun’s Bush 3

Axel Braun’s Bush 3

Dark Mirror

Dark Mirror

Featured Beavers

Jasper Dayton

5 Photos

Star Lite

4 Photos

Zoe Wild

4 Photos


Asshole of the Month: Marsha Blackburn

Asshole of the Month: Marsha Blackburn

The United States Congress is home to some of the most intelligent, educated, principled public servants in the nation, and also some of the dumbest, most ignorant, dishonest twits...
Assassin Nation

Assassin Nation

Trump pulls the trigger on war crimes after a decades-long ban on U.S.-sanctioned assassinations of foreign leaders. For the past three years the Trump Administration has rolled back or...
Global Inequality Worsens

Global Inequality Worsens

A human rights organization says the world’s billionaires should pony up to alleviate the vast wealth gap. A million bucks or a billion, what’s the difference? World domination! Most...