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Sex-Positive Porn: Inclusive & Superhot

Most porn centers around men’s fantasies. Even when adult actresses take the reins and produce on their own, the product tends to be similar to that created by men for their...

Flex Appeal

Beauty. Power. Perfection. Truly, muscle girls are the magical trifecta. Come worship with us at the altar of carved abs, because jacked beauty queens are your new god now. Does anything evoke...

Flula Borg: “I Love America”

Flula Borg is the rarest of species: A happy-go-lucky Hun. As confusing as the idea of an irrepressible German might be, equally confounding is the successful career Flula’s carved out in...

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Lena Paul

Taste Me

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Kitty Quinn

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Steven Andres
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Slow Hand

Photography by Clive McLean
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Hannah Le

Living & Loving
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Happy Endings

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Rimming & Reaming

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The Worst Abortion Law Yet

Publisher's Statement

The Worst Abortion Law Yet

Texas recently trumped other red states in the race to pass the most restrictive abortion law in the country. It’s a “fetal heartbeat” law, meaning that as soon as an ultrasound can detect cardiac activity in a human embryo (not yet a fetus), usually at around six weeks, it is illegal to abort in Texas—though…

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Behind the Gates of Onyx Ridge Estates

Behind the Gates of Onyx Ridge Estates

Ultimate Fuck Toy: Gabbie Carter

Ultimate Fuck Toy: Gabbie Carter

Lesbian Teachers & Schoolgirls

Lesbian Teachers & Schoolgirls

Black Beauties, White Studs

Black Beauties, White Studs

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Monica Monroe

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Naomi James

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Asshole of the Month: Brett Kavanaugh

Asshole of the Month: Brett Kavanaugh

Ever since Chief Justice Earl Warren presided over the Supreme Court’s great expansion of civil rights laws in the 1960s, conservatives have been bitching about so-called “activist” liberal judges...
Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets

A corrupt, cowardly right-wing U.S. Supreme Court Majority sends an unmistakably dark warning. The stolen Republican majority on the U.S. Supreme Court is not only corrupt. They are also...