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Margaret Cho: 50 Is the New Dirty

The stand-up trailblazer opens up about her new podcast, the never-ending battle to keep comedy funny and why she dreams of becoming an old nymphomaniac. The last time I spoke to...

Mia Khalifa: The Picks & Pans of a Serious Sports Fan

Of Mia Khalifa’s many amazing attributes, the most impressive of all just might be her sharp tongue. The onetime actress today wields her wit as an aspiring...

Ted Rall: Laugh Till You Cry

Ted Rall is a cartoonist, columnist and author with an independent, unique point of view. Skewering sacred cows and the status quo is his specialty. The ink slinger’s slyly subversive wit...

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Biden: A Walking Time Bomb

Larry's Statement

Biden: A Walking Time Bomb

I hope my suicide watch for the Democratic Party is more successful than the one that failed Jeffrey Epstein. Last month I laid out how the Democratic candidates’ almost unanimous support for open borders and slavery reparations is a deal killer for the majority of Americans and a gift to Donald Trump.  But there’s another…

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Asshole of the Month: Lou Dobbs

Asshole of the Month: Lou Dobbs

Trump’s downfall—and it is coming—will no doubt be due to his enormous, hypersensitive ego. Like a psychotic pit bull, he turns on everyone eventually, even his closest supporters, if...
Harvard’s Despicable Donor

Harvard’s Despicable Donor

Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s money was too good for a background check. The sordid life of Jeffrey Epstein is one of those national toxic dumps that no litany...
Did Trump Actually Win?

Did Trump Actually Win?

Nobody knows if election results were manipulated in 2016 because nobody ever bothered to check. Before and after the 2016 Presidential election, U.S. election officials and private voting system...