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Dr. Emily Morse: Real Sex & Real Sex Education

The world is in dire need of accessible sex education. Sure, in some schools, teachers instruct students in the fine art of slapping a condom onto a banana or...

Sullen Art & Sullen Angels

The Sullen Art Collective’s business model, based on the barter system, has not only survived but thrived. HUSTLER profiles this unique company… and the gorgeous angels who...

Joanna Angel & Stoya: The Interview

In this powerful, exclusive interview, two XXX superstars open up about stripping naked in front of strangers for the first time, the power of red, domming for dollars… and...

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Lulu Chu

Choose Me

Larry Flynt Productions
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Emily Willis

Take Me Higher

Holly Randall Productions
13 Photos

Keisha Grey & Blair Williams

Wet & Wild

Larry Flynt Productions
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Blue Angel


Emmanuel D. Fouquet
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Madi Meadows

Good Vibes

Victor Lightworship
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Getting Her Feet Wet

Matti Klatt
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The Man of the Hour

Publisher's Statement

The Man of the Hour

It’s no secret that Joe Biden was not my favorite Democratic candidate for President. I’ve criticized his long history of coddling the Republicans and his gung ho support for the Iraq War. But if you’re looking for saints of unblemished purity, you won’t find them in the political arena. I don’t care who your hero…

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Sex Machines 2

Sex Machines 2

Squirting Housewives

Squirting Housewives

Teen Creampies Vol. 2

Teen Creampies Vol. 2

Asian Cheerleaders

Asian Cheerleaders

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Toki Marie

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Alexis Skyy

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4 Photos


Asshole of the Month: Lin Wood

Asshole of the Month: Lin Wood

Many people assume that highly educated professionals—medical doctors, lawyers, professors, scientists—are a sane, rational lot, untroubled by the crackpot ideas that afflict more ignorant folk. They couldn’t have plowed...
Let the Accountability Begin!

Let the Accountability Begin!

To restore the nation, we must restore justice…and disbar Trump’s lawyers. “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” says Dick the Butcher in Shakespeare’s Henry VI,...