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Hot Mess: A Guide to Sploshing
Featured Article

Hot Mess: A Guide to Sploshing

Sploshing might not be the most common kink out there but as any fan will tell you, covering yourself in cake, peanut butter or slime can be good, messy fun.

There is something so liberating about getting messy. Not hair-out-of-place, shirt-unbuttoned messy, but immersing yourself in a head-to-toe plaster cast of sauce, slime and ooey, gooey goodness. 

Sploshing, or Wet-and-Messy (WAM), is a fetish like any other in that it is a) perfectly normal and healthy between consenting adults, and b) all about play and breaking taboos. And what taboo is more core to our beings than the idea of being “dirty”?

First things first: let go of your preconceptions. Whether you’re covered in cake or peanut butter or slime (thanks, Nickelodeon), remember that this is first and foremost about having fun.

“There is an expectation that adults should be clean and responsible, and that what we do for fun should fit into an ‘acceptable’ category,” explains sex coach Leigh Montavon. “WAM is the antithesis of that. Instead, it provides the opportunity to let go, to joyfully celebrate behaving outside of the norm and not worrying about the consequences.”

And like any other fetish, how it’s experienced largely depends on context. For example, if you are a foot fetishist with a fondness for high heels, you likely won’t get turned on just by seeing women’s shoes. The same goes for WAM. “Someone who’s into sploshing won’t get worked up every time they eat dinner,” Montavon notes. “Just like shoes, food is simply an everyday item for folks who don’t fetishize it. Fetishes often have as much to do with where we are and who we’re with as they do with the object in question.”

Granted, sploshing might not be the most common kink, but remember: if it’s something that excites you, it’s a safe bet that there are others who share your sweet, savory joy. 

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