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September 2020

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The Business of Pleasure: How to Succeed in Sex Work (by Really Trying)

Not only is sex work real work, it’s really hard work that requires a solid ethic and smart strategy to thrive. Fear not, though; adult-business advice guru Amberly Rothfield is here to lead you down the road to success. If Warren Buffet wanted to give you free investment advice, you would be wise to sit…

A Whip-Smart Guide to Finding Your Perfect Domme

Because choosing the right person to cede control to takes a lot of self-determination.  Mired in self-doubt over the prospect of booking your first Domme? Don’t be. Chin up and eyes forward, slave—we’re going to teach you how to make all your sub fantasies come true, minus the anxiety of not knowing where to start….

Watch It! The Art of Consensual Voyeurism

We’re all voyeurs. Everyone likes to watch—as humans, we’re driven by visual stimuli. Maybe it’s porn, maybe it’s that tasteful glimpse you stole of your wife’s best friend and her magnificent cleavage. Even sex: yes, being an active participant is amazing, but so is being an observer.  “Voyeurism” is a pretty broad term and includes…