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Long-Distance Domination

Domming Goes Virtual in the COVID-19 Era As many of us head into our third week of self-isolation and shelter in place, people are doing their damnedest to adapt in a world where contact is increasingly verboten. It’s one thing if you’re a graphic designer—working from home is a seamless transition—but a global pandemic is…

Safety Dance

Will strip clubs ever be the same after COVID-19? America, this is not a drill: we are fucked. And when things are this out of control, “back to normal” is a very dangerous sentiment to hang your hat on. Whether we experience a Hail Mary miracle or not, no matter how this ends, life after…

Charlotte Stokely, Renaissance Babe

Performer. Science geek. Health guru. Aspiring author. Charlotte Stokely isn’t letting the COVID-19 pandemic slow her down. In fact, she recently took part in a groundbreaking addition to the nascent genre of quarantine porn. We spent some time with the XXX polymath to find out what she’s been up to lately. (SPOILER ALERT: She’s been up…