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May 2024

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Goth Girls A-Go-Go
Featured Article

Goth Girls A-Go-Go

With Halloween nearly upon us, we get deliciously dark with some of XXX’s sexiest, spookiest beauties.

October is typically considered a harbinger of all things spooky, dark and even the macabre—but there is a group of ghoulish girlies who celebrate that sentiment all year round: goths

Embracing the gothic lifestyle isn’t just dressing all in black and holding seances; it encompasses so much more. Get comfortable in your coffin and prepare for a lusty lesson; it’s time to celebrate and learn about gothic sex workers!

Photo courtesy of Amber Lily : I imagine many people hear the word goth and have a very “Hot Topic” image in their minds. How do you describe the word goth to someone who may be unfamiliar or misinformed?

Lydia Black: Goth is a love for the macabre. Goth is a huge spectrum, if you want to get technical about it; it ranges from pastel goths to traditional goths to techno goths.

Safe Slut: Goth is a subculture that started with music, but I was also an English major and read a ton of Gothic novels in college, and that was a huge inspiration for me. I love everything about goth and Gothic—aesthetic-wise and just overall spookiness. For me, goth is a combination of music, fashion, aesthetic and lifestyle. I’ve always been interested in spooky and weird and dark stuff, so goth just feels like the right term for me.

Vex Voltage: In my opinion, goth is a lifestyle that includes things like the color black, heavy makeup, incense, music and candles. All things teetering on the edge of the macabre and over the edge.

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