July 2020

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Boning Up: The Missy Martinez Guide to Anal Sex

If you’re in the dark about buttholes and how to please them, fear not—Missy Martinez is here to take your hand and lead you up the ol’ dirt road. Anal: It’s the ultimate four-letter word. It’s also one of the most popular XXX genres. And surely, it’s not just for professional suckers and fuckers, right?…

MILF Mania

If you frequently visit XXX sites (come on, be honest—we all do), then you have no doubt come across the acronym MILF. It stands for “Mother I’d like to fuck.” Now, it’s not always literal. Most performers in that category aren’t mothers, and many are still in their late 20s. Pornography uses it as a…

Porn Sex vs. Real Sex: XXX Star Missy Martinez Reveals the Difference

Ever get the feeling that your bedroom romps aren’t exactly playing out like your favorite skin-flick scenes? Don’t be silly; of course they’re not. But don’t worry—as blue-screen veteran Missy Martinez explains, everyone’s personal sexual experiences differ drastically from the professional pound sessions of porn.  Okay, I hate to break it to you: Porn sex isn’t…