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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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Featured Article

Embracing Your Guilty Pleasure

Many of us have a sexual proclivity that we’re reluctant to reveal to others for fear of judgment. But beware—keeping your kink under wraps can do more harm than good.

Some of the kinkiest bastards known to mankind must, unfortunately, keep their deepest, darkest desires buried even deeper inside for fear that revealing their diddle-time demons to the wrong people might spawn the kind of communal lashing that we haven’t seen since the Salem Witch Trials. 

Truth be told, their fears might have merit. Society tends to get uptight when people wear their more eccentric sexual proclivities on their cum-stained sleeves. This is especially true when those inclinations appear to rub the religious fur in the wrong direction, generating an electric current of purity tests and god-fearing bullshit. No doubt, the desire to avoid being metaphorically burned at the stake keeps a lot of modern kinksters stuck in the back of a musty closet with their true sexual predilection. 

“The fear of being judged or stigmatized by others including family or their community is a large part in many keeping their private lives even more private or secret,” Courtney Geter, licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist, tells “By nature, humans are social creatures, and we are meant to live in communities or groups. Many don’t want to risk being shunned or isolated, though they still want to experience what is enjoyable, pleasurable and rewarding.”  

Even so, regardless of how clandestine we keep our kooky copulations, many of us possess at least one guilty pleasure that we—shame, judgment and regret be damned—will inevitably perform whenever or wherever we get a chance. We scoured the nation for folks who were at least somewhat willing to share their tales of guilty sexual pleasures with the rest of the world. What we learned is that there’s a whole slew of you out there in the big, bad world who are deserving of your own reality series.

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