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February 2023

Kiara Cole
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Female for a Day

Men reveal what they would do if they could inhabit a woman’s body for 24 hours. So, there you are, walking home from the bar one night, minding your own business, when some homeless dude pops out of the shadows and offers you a deal. “I’ll trade you this magic liquor bottle for some spare...

The Fucking Lengths We Go To

Ever crossed state lines or hopped continents just to score a piece of ass? You’re not alone. Join us for riveting tales of triumph and disgrace from horny wanderers. It’s no secret that men will go to the ends of the Earth, and probably beyond, for a shot at some tail. Kentucky, Russia, Mars, it...

Be a Man, Not an Asshole

The societal shift away from toxic masculinity doesn’t mean that you have to trade in your Man Card for membership in the Milquetoast Club. Society is fuming mad these days over men who exhibit the unflattering characteristic known as toxic masculinity. It’s a term that some believe defines “manliness” as stoicism and strength; someone who...