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Porn From The Past

Extolling the virtues of bed rest, Sharon models the latest in floral print bedspreads; her come-hither tits have a far more timeless appeal. Thanks to T.I. of Green Valley, Arizona, for this vintage...

The Job Pirate

A hero for today’s workplace, this professional pretender worked 82 jobs over the past 20 years, from CEO to porn writer to morgue driver. Meet Brandon Christopher, part con artist, part hustler...

King Of The Nerds

He’s the hapless principal on New Girl, the evil scientist on Supernatural, the voice of misfit teen Snot on American Dad, and the host of TBS’s top-rated reality show King of the Nerds. Curtis...


Ever wonder if HUSTLER Honeys are just as freaky off-camera as they are on? Well, the answer is, Hell, yes! We stalked our models through the Twitterverse and discovered that Asa Akira loves pearl...

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Samantha Rone

Pink Paradise

Photography by Matti Klatt
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Maya Grand

Hot Dish

Photography by Holly Randall Productions
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Jenna Sativa

Pickup Artist

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Larry's Statement

Thoughts Are Free

The sickening news that Islamic militants had executed the top staff of French satire publication Charlie Hebdo hit very close to home for me. I’ve been shot, sued and repeatedly threatened by people who didn’t like things I published. The cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo worked in the same nothing-is-sacred spirit as we do at HUSTLER,…

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Quinn Winter

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Asia Foxx

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In The Line Of Fire

Je suis HUSTLER. Despite being a longtime contributor to this magazine, I have been shocked by its raunchy and occasionally downright disgusting cartoons, some placed dangerously close to my...

Judge Dreadful

In June 2007, after sentencing Alabama’s former Governor Don Siegelman to more than seven years behind bars, U.S. District Court Judge Mark E. Fuller ordered the popular Democrat shackled...
Asshole of the Month: Rafael Cruz

Asshole of the Month: Rafael Cruz

This month’s asshole is the only thing on this planet that could make us feel sorry for Ted Cruz. Sure, a lot of people have fucked up dads. But...