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Porn From the Past

Those were the days when all a schmuck had to do was grow a debonair ‘stache and he was in like Flynn. (That’s Errol Flynn for all you ignoramuses.) Thanks to B.O. of San Gabriel,...

Dungeons & Deep Throats

Once upon a time a young woman was discussing the oft-overlooked details of condom usage with a friend, prompting said friend to call her a “sex nerd.” Such are the moments that seal...

Attack of the Comic Cunts

I DIDN’T MEAN FOR THAT DAY TO TURN INTO AN ORGY. It’s Friday at the San Diego Comic-Con. I’m Batgirl, Annie Cruz is Catwoman, and she is really going to town on my pussy. My blood...

Erica McLean’s Never Ending Dream

The woman’s porn immortality is secure. In a career spanning decades, Erica McLean has gone from modeling to directing, shaping a creative vision that stands out from the...

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Knocked-Up Knockout

Photography by Clive McLean
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Val Midwest

On the Run

Photography by, Interview by Dan Kapelovitz
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Chloe Amour


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Ivy Sherwood

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Cassidy Cruise

Perfect Exposure

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Larry's Statement

Justice, Not Vengeance

At press time, Joseph Paul Franklin—the serial murderer who confessed to shooting me in 1978—was scheduled to be executed in Missouri on November 20. People ask me if I’m glad to see him die. I confess, I do feel a certain amount of satisfaction at the idea. But that only confirms my view that capital…

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Amy Page

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Lexi Campbell

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Betty Sage

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Topple the King

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend...

The Colossal Suckout

Here’s how it works: In America the so-called free market is a joke. What you have is a bunch of big-money types making out like bandits, hustling the government...
Asshole of the Month: Reince Priebus

Asshole of the Month: Reince Priebus

Let’s face it, the GOP is where charisma goes to die. Not in recent memory has the Republican Party been so overpopulated with smarmy, unelectable attention whores. So it...