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Apollonia Saintclair: Stolen Moments

The catalog of stolen moments that comprises Apollonia Saintclair’s exploration of erotica is at once shocking and intimate—and unmistakably beautiful. Apollonia Saintclair is...

Bigfoot or Bust: Crafting an Exploitation Flick With Jim Wynorski

If you are a B-movie buff, you have watched a Jim Wynorski film. The prolific filmmaker has over 105...

Hardcore Cocktails

Sample a Fat Hooker, Midnight Kiss or Dirty Shirley. Perhaps a Milk Maid or Cowboy Cocksucker would be more to your liking. Dare you try the Adios Motherfucker? We asked 40 porn stars for their...

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It’s Up to the States of Our Union

Publisher's Statement

It’s Up to the States of Our Union

It’s a new year, and with it a new crop of House and Senate representatives have just been sworn into office. But with a divided Congress, meaningful legislation on gun reform and abortion rights will be all but impossible to enact on a federal level. In typical fashion, the Grand Opposition Party will dig in…

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DP Masters 8

DP Masters 8

Daddy Daughter Swap 5

Daddy Daughter Swap 5

My Neighbor’s Bush 2

My Neighbor’s Bush 2

Cheerleaders in Heat

Cheerleaders in Heat

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Worst (Best?) “Red Wave” Ever

Worst (Best?) “Red Wave” Ever

Democracy fights to live another day. Call it Roevember. Even Joevember. What you can’t call it is a “red wave,” much less a “red tsunami,” as hyped by Republicans...
Asshole of the Month: Elon Musk

Asshole of the Month: Elon Musk

Those who earn great success and wealth, not from being born with a silver spoon in their mouths but by pulling up on their own bootstraps, are rightly honored...