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HUSTLER Magazine's August 2019 Issue

Male porn performers are among the world’s most envied men. They get to have sex with the hottest women on the planet, and they get paid for it. Guest writer Lotus Lain interviews four of the industry’s top male performers, Mr. Pete, Will Pounder, Slim Poke and Ruckus, as they discuss the realities of the industry and exactly what it takes to be top male XXX talent.  Then, we catch up with Sam Richardson, who has been in every comedy fromArrested Development to The Office to Veep. The funnyman invited us into his home, where he cheerfully shared stories of his princely youth in Africa, his rap battle with Hanson and his love for Detroit. 


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Sam Richardson: Comic Royalty

If you’ve watched a comedy in the last five years, there’s a decent chance Sam Richardson was in it. Iconic TV shows like Arrested Development, The...

How to Be a Porn Stud: Tips From Professional Dicks

Of course the thought has crossed your mind: You’re watching porn, enjoying the orgy or DP onscreen, and suddenly you start thinking, Hey, what a great...

Alex Gamsu Jenkins: Brute Style

The satirical surrealism of British artist Alex Gamsu Jenkins has appeared in Vice, Juxtapoz, HUSTLER and The New York Times. Join us in studio for a trip inside...

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Will Socialism Save Us?

Larry's Statement

Will Socialism Save Us?

For most of our history, socialism has been a dirty word and an almost un-American concept. But a recent Gallup poll shows that for a majority of 18- to 29-year-olds, socialism is viewed more positively than capitalism. This is a sea change, with candidates like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pushing for Medicare for All,…

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Asshole of the Month: William Barr

Asshole of the Month: William Barr

You have to admit, our Carnival Barker in Chief really knows how to run a circus. It may be one scandalous tweetstorming outrage after another, but it’s never boring....
Don’t Blame Russia!

Don’t Blame Russia!

Any halfway honest person has to admit that if 19 government lawyers—working with FBI agents, intelligence analysts and forensic accountants for two years—can’t find evidence of a crime, then...
Time for Wall Street to Pay Up

Time for Wall Street to Pay Up

Democrats have a plan that could eliminate several of America’s biggest problems at once. So, naturally, Republicans oppose it. For decades they’ve claimed that the federal deficit—the government spending...