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HUSTLER Magazine's April 2019 Issue

Check out cover honeys Shyla Jennings & Aspen Rae in an exclusive full “Girl Power” photoshoot. Plus, get an inside peak of the adult industry with insiders stories by strippers and adult film stars. We’ll share with you all the juicy tales straight from the champagne room!


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John C. McGinley: Crushing It

John C. McGinley gets serious in six—count them, six—Oliver Stone films and numerous Broadway shows. But mostly McGinley is known for his wisecracking comic characters, the everyman...

Porn for Porn Stars

GETTING OFF OFF CAMERA Performers aren’t exempt from the fun and fantasy of watching smut. But what exactly do they like to watch? Anal? BDSM? Themselves? To find the answer to these and other...

Stripper Confidential

Stripping is the toughest job you’ll ever love (sorry, Peace Corps). So say these dedicated dancers—no filter, no bullshit, in their own words. Forget the stereotypes, the punch lines, the...

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Hannah Harper

Pink in Mind

Photography by Matti Klatt
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Rina Ellis

Sex & More Sex

Photography by Larry Flynt Productions
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Aspen Rae & Shyla Jennings

Girl Power

Photography by Tammy Sands
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Jelena Jensen

Boss Lady

Photography by Tammy Sands
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Sophie Sparks

International Beauty

Photography by Holly Randall Productions
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Jillian Janson

Free to Be Me

Larry Flynt Productions
6 Photos
Can Trumpism Survive Without Trump?

Larry's Statement

Can Trumpism Survive Without Trump?

Pundits and prognosticators are now saying that even if Trump is defeated in 2020—or impeached before then—it won’t necessarily be the end of Trumpism. While dog-whistling racism and pandering to the lowest common denominator certainly helped get him elected, that’s not the whole story. The steady decline in the standard of living for working-class Americans…

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Venus Abernathy

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Erin Taylor

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Tia Kai

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Asshole of the Month: Heather Nauert

Asshole of the Month: Heather Nauert

It’s finally dawning on more and more Americans, even die-hard Trump supporters, that the Donald’s administration is nothing more than a nonstop reality-TV show modeled exactly after the big...
Democracy Strikes Back

Democracy Strikes Back

Well, it wasn’t a blue wave after all. It was, in fact, a blue tsunami last November, although you could be forgiven if you didn’t notice. Some key 2018...
Outsmarting Capitalism?

Outsmarting Capitalism?

Never hustle a hustler” is a street-smart dictum you would think President Donald Trump would have embraced long before launching his trade war with the People’s Republic of China....