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July 2022

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Writing politically incorrect and unapologetic statements since 1974

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The Pathway is Clear

It’s hard to believe, but even after having their asses handed to them in the last election, Republicans still haven’t gotten the memo on the issue closest to the hearts of America’s fastest-growing group of voters: immigration. With Tea Party extremists still throttling conservative common sense, it’s time for President Obama and the Democrats...

Why Start Trouble

Some people think I stir up trouble just for the hell of it. But the truth is, I never looked for controversy for controversy’s sake. There’s always been a principle at stake. Twenty-five years ago I was in major-league trouble. I had picked a fight with preacher Jerry Falwell by making fun of him...

Entitlements Are a Right

Every time the federal government can’t get its fiscal house in order, we start hearing about entitlement reform. Republicans in particular like to use that word entitlement because it sounds like somebody’s getting benefits they don’t deserve. Nothing makes the hardworking Joe angrier than people who think they’re “entitled” to something. Don’t believe the...

It’s Not Just Guns

As traumatic as they are, rampage shootings are now a regular occurrence in our country. Many factors have led to that reality: availability of guns, lack of mental-health treatment, abusive environments, violence in popular culture, the list goes on. There’s no specific reason and no specific solution. As President Obama eloquently stated, “No single...


I am Barack Obama. I am the President. I am relevant. I know who elected me. It wasn’t the rich 1%. It was hardworking Americans, union members and minority groups who haven’t gotten the fair shake they deserve. I will keep the promises I made. My word is good. To the wealth class of...

Prostitution is a profession

As the 2012 election went to the wire, the White House candidates had one serious competitor for headlines: the Zumba Madam. Alexis Wright—a fitness instructor in Kennebunk, Maine—had serviced a lengthy list of wellheeled johns for a year and a half before getting busted. To their dismay, Ms. Wright kept accurate records. In Maine,...

A Message to the New Generation

Your job has just begun. Every citizen’s number-one duty is to vote. But after you do that, it’s not over. Democracy is a daily struggle. No matter who’s in the top job, you have to keep the heat on. Make your voices heard. Protest injustice, take back the political process and see to it...

Privacy Revisited

For the average American citizen, the notion of privacy is extinct. Any information you put into cyberspace could come back to bite you in the ass. Retail stores sell your purchase history to third parties without your consent. Social media sites and search engines act as data mines, storing information that could later be...

A Warning From Thomas Jefferson

When it came to setting up our government, Thomas Jefferson had three concerns: tyranny of kings, tyranny of theocrats and tyranny of the wealthy. For the time being we seem to be safe from kings and theocrats. We are not, however, safe from the superrich. Here’s what Jefferson said: “I believe the banking institutions...

It’s Still the Economy, Stupid!

I’m worried the U.S. economy is about to slow down drastically. President Obama should be worried too. The signs are not good: The housing market is at its lowest since 2002, the national unemployment rate remains above 9%, and job creation is static. On top of that, the President seems ready to make massive...

Republican Bullshit

The Republicans criticized President Barack Obama for being indecisive, for delegating and for being weak on foreign policy. Obama proved them wrong by personally taking charge of the hunt for Osama bin Laden. He picked one of four plans to neutralize the al-Qaeda leader (arguably the most difficult one), then followed through from command...

Obama: No, You Can’t!

Mr. President: I’m sure you realize that for the 2012 Presidential campaign you cannot use the same threadbare rhetoric which helped get you elected in 2008. “Yes, We Can” and “The Audacity of Hope” have lost the power they once held. Young voters, black voters, progressive voters and swing voters are no longer seduced...

Let’s Fix Campaign Financing

Everyone agrees our political system is totally corrupt. The rich and powerful are buying politicians like cotton candy at a carnival. What’s happening in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, New Jersey and at least 11 other states is proof of that. The solution is obvious: campaign finance reform. Get the money out of politics. Make...

The Problem With Guns

People who know my history might be surprised that I am not antigun. However, I do have some concerns on the subject. The right wing says guns don’t kill people; people do. That’s bullshit. People with guns kill people. On the left the basic argument is that only the Army and law enforcement should...
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