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Sex Under The Starrs

HUSTLER: First of all, how can I swear in Polish? NATASHA: Pinga suka dziwka kurwa szmata. It’s like bitch, slut, ho, every word that you can imagine—so it’s five words, the baddest ones....

Super Starr

Watch an actor grow up on TV and you feel a strong sense of connection. Martin Starr has matured before our very eyes on comedy darlings like Freaks and Geeks, Party Down, NTSF:SD:SUV:: and Silicon...

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Valentina Nappi

Sex Machine

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Cintia & Billy

Full Intercourse Meal

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Jayme Langford


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Cassidy Banks

God Bless Titties

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Publisher's Statement

Cruel And Unusual Punishment

In January President Obama announced that federal prisons would no longer use solitary confinement to punish juvenile offenders and adults who have committed minor offenses. The practice leads to “devastating, lasting psychological consequences,” declared the President, after a Justice Department study concluded that the practice reduces the chances of successful rehabilitation upon an inmate’s release….

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Real Estate Sex

Real Estate Sex

Slut Squad

Slut Squad

Barely Legal Southern Belles

Barely Legal Southern Belles

Young & Glamorous 8

Young & Glamorous 8

Real Estate Sex

Real Estate Sex

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Tatiana Sympa

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War On Whistleblowers

If President Barack Obama wants to keep one of his foremost 2008 campaign promises, he should issue a blanket pardon for all of those brave people faced with imprisonment...

GOP Power Grab

The Republican Party likes to pretend it favors “free market” competition and opposes “big government” regulations and fees that keep private businesses from thriving. Those Republicans, however, are lying....
Asshole of the Month: Rick Snyder

Asshole of the Month: Rick Snyder

Life has been tough for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder this year. His approval rating has tanked, and he has been constantly heckled by irate citizens everywhere he goes. Dining...