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The 411 on SPH
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The 411 on SPH

Welcome to the world of small penis humiliation, the kink where big thrills come from making fun of tiny packages.

If you’ve ever scrolled through a clip site or been in a webcam chat room, you may have come across the acronym SPH—short for Small Penis Humiliation. While that may sound like a nightmare for some, it is a wildly popular kink! 

What makes it so hot for some fans, and what is it like to make fun of dicks regularly? I enlisted the help of five cock-mockers to answer all your questions.

Photo courtesy of Lita Lecherous When did you first come across the SPH fetish?

Lita Lecherous: I first came across this fetish in 2016, when I started playing in the kink community. When you are new and unsure where you fit, everyone is happy to help you explore. I was confused, but excited and intrigued, to learn that SPH was something men wanted to explore with me. I thought, This is weird, but it is also hilarious and I love humiliation, so okay, I will try it!

Trinity Infinity: Shortly after my 18th birthday, I was working at a Halloween store and a coworker told me about a kink website she was on. It sounded like a lot of fun and I’ve always been open minded when it comes to sex, so I signed up immediately…literally during my next break, LOL. I dove right in and quickly became enthralled with a whole world of kinks and fetishes I had never heard of. SPH was one of many I came across and immediately fell in love with.

Queen Colleen: I first came across the fetish in my second year in the industry. My fans began requesting I make cock worship videos. They really get off on seeing a femme figure like myself emasculating men with my dick. Then came the requests specifically to do small penis humiliation in reference to my big dick: How my dick is better and superior compared to their dick. Then it became so easy for me to get into SPH. I basically talk shit to my SPH fans about how great my dick is and how not-great their small dick is.

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