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Now THAT’S a Mouthful!
Featured Article

Now THAT’S a Mouthful!

Open wide and say, “Aah!” These mavens of mouth fetish are bound to put a satisfied smile on your face.

Warm and wet, mouths are a treat. While our minds immediately go to imagining this northern orifice pleasuring our nether regions, there are actually entire realms of ways a sexy face-hole can give us pleasure. From tapping teeth to swallowing action figures, the mouths of the four interviewees below have us picking our jaws up off the floor.

Now, open wide and say, “Aah!”

Photo courtesy of Bonni Good You use your mouth to turn your fans on in a much different way than people might assume. Tell us about it!

Bonni Good: People pay me to count, tap and touch my teeth, swallow things close up, make certain shapes with my lips and examine my mouth with gloves. My dentist always tells me I have great teeth; so I’m stoked to cash in on it and make people happy!

Sydney Screams: One of my longest-standing core categories as a fetish performer is the lipstick fetish category. I apply lipstick and either POV-style kiss the camera, or if I’m lucky and have a willing participant, I’ll kiss them instead! There’s something so hot about marking someone as “mine” with my lipstick, and it’s something I enjoy both on-camera and off-camera. Beyond that, vore is a category that I’m known for, and mouths are a very important aspect of vore. You can’t swallow someone without your mouth! Some other fetishes that I cater to that include a lot of mouth fetish are vampire, yawning, hand over mouth and burping.

Jane Judge: Yes! I love to shrink my little fans and swallow them whole. It sounds strange, but it’s a huge percentage of mouth fetish lovers; people who fantasize about being devoured by a huge woman! Sometimes it’s a reward for a good tiny, playing with their giant owner for the last time before being absorbed into my body, and sometimes I am transformed by wild hunger and devour an entire town—either way, you’re going to end up dangling over my wide-open mouth!

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