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Junk in the Trunk
Featured Article

Junk in the Trunk

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what your favorite adult entertainers can’t do without when they go to the set, rejoice; they’re about to unload their baggage for you.

No doubt you’ve noticed the amazing outfits your favorite XXX stars wear when they grace the screen (at least until they toss off their clothes and get down to screwing). They are immaculately put together from head to toe. That didn’t just magically happen! Time, effort and money go into the wardrobes that performers provide for their shoots. Not every company provides clothing for their productions, which leaves performers responsible for costumes. 

So, what do they pack? How much do their bags weigh? What do they always forget to pack? I had the privilege of peeking inside some amazing performers’ shoot bags to see what they’re packing!

Ruby Enraylls 

Photo courtesy of Ruby Enraylls Have you noticed a change in what you bring to the set over the years? 

 Ruby Enraylls: Every single time I pack I seem to bring more things, and that is probably because my gear collection and wardrobe collection has grown. At first I brought one bag for everything. Then it was two bags, and now I just find every reasonable suitcase, stuff it and pare down what I can. I like to style my shoots visually, and if I’m a similar size as other models I’m shooting with, I will pack for them too. At the beginning of my career I didn’t have much in the way of creative control but now I get to direct scenes as well as be in them, and I love how that evolution has happened. 

ruby enraylls
Photo courtesy of Ruby Enraylls

What is the oddest wardrobe request you’ve been asked to bring? 

The oddest wardrobe requests I’ve had were: rubber rain boots and rubber dish gloves, dirty socks, Pampers and “absolutely nothing black!” Those were all from different folks and I couldn’t pick just one. 

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