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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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Photo courtesy of Miss Bijoux
Featured Article

Getting Nailed!

Looking for a fetish that you can really sink your claws into? Allow these long-taloned ladies to scratch that kinky itch of yours.

Is there anything better than getting nailed in a major way? Okay—not that kind of “nailed.” We’re talking about actual fingernails! You’ve probably seen—and been thrilled by—long, manicured and wildly colored claws on some of your favorite performers. Did you know that it is actually a fetish for some fans out there? We gathered a group of ladies with talented talons to scratch our itch on this topic!

miss bijoux nails
Photo courtesy of Miss Bijoux

Miss Bijoux

    Twitter: @Missbijouuu

Miss Bijoux is a pro when it comes to driving men wild with her pointed claws, but this talent of hers is a semi-recent discovery. “I started to utilize my talons in 2019 when I realized they brought me an immense confidence boost,” she recalls. “With long nails, you become a different person!” 

Becoming that “different person” wasn’t a struggle-free transition, as Miss Bijoux explains: “It absolutely took a while to get used to sharp, stiletto-shaped nails, and you can easily draw blood if you are careless! Even when I switch nail shapes, there is a period of about a week where I struggle to re-learn how to type and pick things up. It’s a commitment.” We thank and honor her for that commitment! 

Shooting a hyper-specific type of scene that focuses on fingernails isn’t as easy as it may sound. Miss Bijoux has some techniques to make sure she is giving her viewers what they want to see. “I try to focus on my hand positions and mannerisms when I make nail content. A surprising number of nail-lovers are also hand worshipers and are even interested in things like the angle of your wrist!” Miss Bijoux reveals. “These are things I try to keep in mind when filming content.” 

What makes long nails such a turn-on? “Having long nails is an extension of classic feminine energy that viewers love to see,” Miss Bijoux asserts. “The more extreme, the better—I think viewers enjoy the dramatization.” One thing’s for sure—Miss Bijoux can scratch up our backs any day!

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