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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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Gooning Gods and Goddesses
Featured Article

Gooning Gods and Goddesses

Masturbating for hours until you’re in a trancelike state before you finally come…for fans of gooning, the waiting is the hardest (and hottest) part.

I think we can all agree that orgasms are pretty fucking amazing. The feeling of release and ecstasy coursing through your body can’t be beat. Now imagine you’re watching your favorite XXX stars telling you exactly how to stroke your member, and that you can’t come! While it may sound like a torture created in hell, it’s a growing niche in the fetish community known as “gooning.” 

We had the pleasure of interviewing some gooning professionals about what goes into teasing, denying and rewarding their fans in the best way possible.

Photo courtesy of Zoe Grey What is your definition of “gooning”?

Leya Falcon: My definition of gooning is teasing and denying (an orgasm or sometimes masturbation altogether) of a submissive until I deem them worthy of having that pleasure. In order for one of my goons to earn the privilege, it usually includes extreme forms of humiliation and financial domination before I will even consider allowing them the release.

Queen FrostBitten: Gooning is when an individual is in a trancelike state (similar to brainwashing, mind fuck or thoughtless servitude) that is brought on typically by some sort of fetish or desire. It can be closely related to or sound like mind control while they (the submissive or both) masturbate. Typically, if the top is masturbating, it is a way to control the submissive, with their body pulling them stronger into the trance.

Liv Anonyma: Gooning is an extreme version of edging and masturbation obsession. A gooner may fantasize about locking themselves away in a porn cave for hours, days or even a lifetime. The idea of masturbating and orgasming until one’s brain is blank—or until their body gives out—is often a part of it. It is not always a femdom fetish, but when it is, it involves the Domme encouraging this.

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