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Porn From the Past

You look down at your hole cards—10 of spades, 2 of hearts. But somehow it’s still the best hand ever. Thanks to M.R. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for these vintage playing cards. Send your...

Stoya Does the Subway

It’s one thing to flash your tits and take a few pictures. But to carry out a gutsy topless shoot in the middle of the night on a moving New York subway car, you better have a plan. Hardcore...

“I’m a Clever Cunning Prick”

UNAPOLOGETIC TO THE END, ROCK’S LEGENDARY EGOMANIAC GIVES THIS LIFE—AND DEATH—THE BIG FINGER. SATAN, BE WARNED. Unabashed whackjob Kim Fowley is the mastermind behind dozens of songs...

Down ‘N’ Dirty Diva

Margaret Cho doesn’t give a shit. She says what she thinks and means what she says, and fuck you to anyone who has a problem with that. The Drop Dead Diva  star just wrapped her critically...

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Love Hungry

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Victoria James

Miss Beautiful

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Jessi June

Sex Drive

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Bedside Manner

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Publisher's Statement

Year of Reckoning

Election year 2014 is upon us, and the time has come to call our representatives to account. In 2013 Republicans in Congress delivered a shameful, unprecedented spectacle of disregard for the American people that cannot be excused or forgotten. This is no longer a matter of a few Tea Party wacko birds. The government shutdown…

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Little White Girls #1

Little White Girls #1

Pussy Control

Pussy Control

Freshman Conquest

Freshman Conquest

Scandal Siren Lynsie Lee

Scandal Siren Lynsie Lee

Rihanna Rimes

Rihanna Rimes

Fuck Like a Porn Star…and Don’t Forget to Pee

Fuck Like a Porn Star…and Don’t Forget to Pee

All New Hot Showers

All New Hot Showers

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Samantha Rae

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Asshole of the Month: Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Asshole of the Month: Elisabeth Hasselbeck

The list of people repulsive enough to get named Asshole of the Month three times is pretty fucking exclusive. So let’s give the newest member of this pantheon of...


On the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, I remembered being near Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as he delivered his “I Have a...

Big Brother’s in Your Pocket

Your smartphone is your enemy. Yes, that cute little sidekick you carry around is a vicious snitch that does more than monitor your every movement and purchase. The handy...