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The Celluloid Bordello: Sex Workers in Cinema

An interview with director Juliana Piccillo Hollywood’s love affair with sex workers began with silent movies. In fact, in 1929, the Academy of Motion...

AVN 2023: Return to Vegas!

Behind the Scenes @ the Adult Entertainment Expo Photography & Intro By Steve Prue Everything that you think happens around, during and after the AVN Awards does...

Mamma Mia!

Get ready for an X-rated Mother’s Day you’ll never forget. HUSTLER proudly presents…the Mom Squad. Fertile, fierce and very DTF. Bump jobs, belly expansion, pasta, creameries (we think this is...

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The Truth Matters!

Publisher's Statement

The Truth Matters!

We have the right to expect the truth when we listen to the news. It’s the news, dammit, meaning that we should expect to hear an accurate, factual reporting of events. Sadly, the truth has often been scarce to nonexistent in Fox broadcasts and has frequently been replaced with bald-faced lies. We have long known…

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Jada’s Foot Fantasies

Jada’s Foot Fantasies

My Young Hotwife 4

My Young Hotwife 4

Big Titty Office MILFs 2

Big Titty Office MILFs 2

Cheating Wife Massage

Cheating Wife Massage

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Jessa Blue

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Fox “News” Has a Dirty Secret

Fox “News” Has a Dirty Secret

A voting technology company’s defamation lawsuit may be just the beginning of the end for Rupert Murdoch’s GOP propaganda empire. Fox “News” was never either “fair” or “balanced.” That...
Asshole of the Month: Tucker Carlson

Asshole of the Month: Tucker Carlson

Fox News pioneered the dark art of pandering to the right-wing mob’s baser instincts to boost ratings and profits. But we really had no idea how hypocritical the whole...