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Erecting an Icon

Forty fucking years! As HUSTLER hits its ruby anniversary, we look back at nearly half a century of sex, insanity and the American Dream. Lock up your daughters and hang on tight. 1974: The first...

Larry Shock

HUSTLER’s early days are the stuff of legend, documented by reporters and acted out by Hollywood stars. A former top editor confirms that the real story is even crazier. He swears everything...

Belle Knox

Early this year the Duke University student body buzzed with a hot rumor: A bona fide hardcore starlet walked among them, meeting the school’s exorbitant tuition fees by fucking on-camera. After...

Sleaze, Legalese & How to Hustle the Court

On a sunny California day in 1998 I was home from college, visiting my mom and grandmother. We happened to be standing in the parking lot of the distinctive...

Why I Did It

On February 26, 2014, a young activist made history when he stood up and interrupted the Supreme Court in the name of the American people. It was the court’s first protest in eight years and the...

Neverending Panty Raid

Attaining the dubious distinction of old fart ain’t bad if it means putting in 37 years at an extraordinary workplace. So kudos to Lady Luck, karma or an omni-unpresent deity’s master plan. I...

How HUSTLER Turned Me Into the Most Famous White Trash Whore In My Family

Twelve years ago I had the privilege of getting my boyfriend to fuck my ass in the middle of a desert, on top...

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Playing With Fire

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Barely Legal Orgy

Barely Legal Orgy

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XXXtreme Satisfaction

XXXtreme Satisfaction

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Assholes of the Month

Assholes of the Month

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in four decades of writing about assholes, it’s this: An asshole taking a massive shit on our country will keep taking a massive...

Why I Dig Being in HUSTLER

As a reporter, historian, critic and columnist for more than 60 years, I’ve never wanted to write just for the choir—readers who always agree with me. The wider and...

Mr. Indecency

This is a fit time and place to mark the memory of one Charles Keating, the scoundrel who wanted to be remembered for having put Larry Flynt in jail....