November 2019

Featuring Lana Rhoades

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Why I Did It

On February 26, 2014, a young activist made history when he stood up and interrupted the Supreme Court in the name of the American people. It was the court’s first protest in eight years and the first time anyone had dared to videotape the justices at work.



Maybe we should come back tomorrow and try this, I thought. Sitting in the inner sanctum of America’s highest court, in a chamber never before made visible to the world in video or even color photographs, I struggled to summon the courage to do what I had come to: stand and interrupt the Supreme Court of the United States.

As I waited that February morning, listening to oral arguments about an obscure patent-law case and taking in the room around me—the high, ornate ceiling, the giant red curtains and marble figures towering above the bench—the reality and gravity of the institution I had entered intruded on my thoughts.

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