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Beaver of the Year Contest

Meet the 2022 Beaver of the Year winner and cast your vote for the uninhibited hottie who you think should take the title of Beaver of the Year next. Now’s your chance; make your...

Outrageous! Irreverent! Funny! HUSTLER Cartoons

Outrageous! Irreverent! Funny! They were the words Larry Flynt used to describe what he was looking for in a HUSTLER cartoon, and Larry considered the cartoons...

HUSTLER’s Legends of the 21st Century

596 issues, nearly 4,000 models and 48 years of uncompromising adult entertainment. It’ s been one helluva ride, and we are proud to be part of such a resilient (and sexy AF)...

Let’s Roll: Skate Gals of So Cal

Folks have been lacing up their skates for centuries, for both exercise and entertainment. Through the years the sport has waned and surged in popularity and at times even trucked...

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Happy Anniversary, HUSTLER!

Publisher's Statement

Happy Anniversary, HUSTLER!

HUSTLER Magazine is celebrating 48 wonderful years and the positive growth we’ve seen in the XXX industry through these years. Adult entertainment has matured to new heights of professionalism. Today’s performers take pride in their brand and control of their careers. They connect with fans and create and market their own content. We are proud…

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Asshole of The Month: Samuel Alito

Asshole of The Month: Samuel Alito

Since the dawn of civilization, human progress has often been slow: two steps forward, one step back…repeat. And it’s always the old guard—the tight-assed priests or rich, Ivy league...
The Corruption of Clarence Continues

The Corruption of Clarence Continues

The U.S. Supreme Court Justice and his wife have undermined the law of the land for decades… but we let them. With his Publisher’s Statements, Larry Flynt established a...