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HUSTLER Magazine's Anniversary 2020 Issue

It’s our 46th Anniversary Edition! Celebrate with us and our cover Honey, Amy Wilder, along with Savannah Sixx, Cherie DeVille, Romi Rain and lots of cool HUSTLER classics.


Featured Articles

Katie Morgan & Evan Stone: Porn Royalty

Katie Morgan and Evan Stone are the Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell of porn: gorgeous, hilarious and madly, deeply, stupidly in love with each other. They are legends, porn royalty,...

Socialism Returns, Again

For the last 75 years, a stifling taboo almost smothered socialism in the U.S. Most employers, both major political parties, mainstream media, schools and academics at all levels, and federal, state,...

Our Greatest Mistake

With the 2020 election right around the bend, we offer illustrations of America’s greatest mistake in the hopes that we can avoid repeating...

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Amy Wilder


Ellen Stagg
12 Photos

Romi Rain & Cherie DeVille

More Than Friends

Tammy Sands
10 Photos


A Very Special Lady

James Baes
5 Photos

Savannah Sixx

Fiercely Independent

Victor Lightworship
12 Photos
Trump, Master of Disaster

Publisher's Statement

Trump, Master of Disaster

Anyone who’s read even a smidgen of history knows that total idiots have become kings and presidents. And they might get along without too much trouble for a while, but then a crisis comes up that the moronic leader turns into a catastrophe. Sooner or later, the good folk in the country finally get a…

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Space Probe

Space Probe

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Lust In The Jungle

Lust In The Jungle


Money From Nothing

Money From Nothing

The federal government’s financial response to the coronavirus proves that “debt and deficit” was always an excuse. For years politicians, pundits and the media told us America was broke....
Asshole of the Month: Rand Paul

Asshole of the Month: Rand Paul

Libertarians are a strange lot. If you were to bioengineer a hybrid creature, half elephant and half donkey, that would be the perfect mascot for a true libertarian: about...