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March 2024

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HUSTLER Honey Holly Hotwife
Vital Facts
  • Hometown Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Age 41
  • Height 5' 10"
  • Measurements 36C-27-34
  • Favorite Position Prone bone

About Holly Hotwife

Congratulations to our 2023 Beaver of the Year! HUSTLER readers have cast their ballots, and the winner, by a landslide, is…Holly Hotwife!

Our Beaver of the Year is a hotwife who lives the life. Every year Holly, her hotwife friends—and the hubbies, of course—travel to cities throughout the U.S. to, in Holly’s words, “make the hottest and most insatiable content for fellow hotwives, stags, cuck couples and fans.”

We became so enamored with our Beaver of the Year during her HUSTLER photo shoot that we asked if she would give our readers a glimpse into The Hotwife Tour 2023. So Holly started a diary specifically for HUSTLER, and holy fuck, is it hot. As in goddamn sizzling! Enjoy!

“Wheels up to Miami for The Hotwife Tour. Busy taking sexy pictures for my husband and my fans. Slut mentality has me spreading my legs, licking my lips, with the ‘accidental’ nipple slip, trying to get caught being a bad girl.

“4 p.m., I arrive in Miami and rush to retrieve my bags. I waste no time hopping my sexy ass in an Uber and tease the driver all the way to my destination. I can’t help but have a little fun. Upon arrival, I enter the gate code and make my way up the lusciously landscaped drive, which opens to an enormous mansion. I approach the grand double doors, and as I enter, absolute beauty floods my vision! Clean, modern aesthetic, white and navy blue décor, walls and halls lined with greenery, marble floors…everything is so crisp.

“I turn the corner, and I’m warmly greeted by all the hotwives and their husbands. With not much time to spare, we wash up and make it to the mixer by 7 p.m. This is where we mingle with the male talent, have a few drinks and really get to know each other before the big day on Saturday. Once acquainted, we get a little closer as a group and create some spicy promo content to market The Hotwife Tour (i.e., TikTok videos, promo clips and pictures). The next day’s shoot, Friday, is for boy/girl scenes (I had two) and threesomes—basically whatever mix of content you can imagine—and, most importantly, a reverse gangbang!

“My first scene Friday is with a very tall, handsome cowboy. Not only is he a great kisser, but his Southern ass has me riding his cock, wearing his cowboy hat the whole time. My second scene is with a solo creator. He’s never filmed with anyone before, and luckily, I’m his first! He is so super cute, very well endowed, and he knows exactly how to fuck. He’s careful not to go too deep, pleasuring me insurmountably, while taking care not to put me in the hospital!

“A little while later is our reverse gangbang: one male, five females. His vision is to dominate us, not as a BDSM dom, but more of a puppeteering master. All hands are on him at all times, and he directs us where he wants us to be. At any given time, he might have one girl sucking his toes, another jacking him off, one rubbing his shoulders, another sitting on his face and one sucking his balls. All of that pleasure is insanely hot to watch. The room quickly becomes a sauna, and it’s time to rehydrate.”

“The wives decide he needs to come in our mouths so we can cum-swap. Vigorously, we jack him off until, lucky me, he spunks between my lips. Next is the kissy cum train! We spit jism from one mouth to the next and then lick our lover clean.

“As soon as the gangbang’s a wrap, we wash up, get dressed, and we’re off to dinner. Back at the mansion, the fun isn’t over yet. We share some cocktails, sit outside and play around. Some of us even go skinny-dipping.

“Saturday morning comes fast. The alarm sounds, and it’s Orgy Day! We all eat a light meal, make ourselves up, and by 11 a.m., we’re bunny-hopping into the orgy room in our sexy bunny costumes, with the male performers joining shortly after. While setting up the cameras for our OnlyFans live streams, we manage to get a couple photos and a boundary video of all the male performers and the hotwives. All the while a porn compilation of the past Hotwife Tours plays in the background on the big screen! A boundary, for example, might be anal, hair-pulling or hard spanking. But as for the things we do like, we discuss them: i.e., light spanking, being picked up to fuck, double vaginal penetration (DVP), being eaten out and things of the like. Next thing you know, we are going to town!

“The room is booming with sex, sweaty bodies slapping against each other. There’s moaning, groaning, oohs and aahs, someone yelling out that they need lube! We fuck for well over an hour, almost two. I have to tap out twice, once for a water break and another after two DVPs, back-to-back! After the hotwives have fucked to capacity, we make a bukkake scene for the six guys who haven’t come yet. So generous, I know. Four of us girls lie on the couch to receive the bukkake. One hotwife is deemed the cum guzzler. She licks us clean, every bit of cum off all of us, like a good girl.

“Afterward, we order pizza, rehydrate and take a break. As the sun sets, we shower, put on our evening attire and head out to dinner. Following dinner is our fan meet and greet. These meet and greets can have as many as 22 guys who show up to meet their favorite hotwife. We stay at least an hour…have drinks and mingle with fans until we are beyond exhausted. Although bedtime can’t come soon enough, the day’s excitement is still buzzing through the air.

“Up by 10 a.m. Clothes are packed, house is cleaned, and everyone heads out for their flights back home. Another successful, sexy Hotwife Tour.”

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