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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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Oral Arguments
Featured Article

Oral Arguments

How important are blowjobs and cunnilingus to maintaining a healthy relationship? According to a new survey, the answers might surprise you…

It has been said that the only certain things in life are death and taxes, but whatever bootlicking chump came up with that tired spiel must have never had a girlfriend. There’s one other inevitability in this bizarre existence, and that’s that men and women will never, never, see eye-to-eye when it comes to sex. Countless books have been published on the disparities between the masculine and the feminine, seemingly trying to help the whole of humping humanity narrow the biological divide that pits girls against boys, putting an end to pointing fingers over which gender is ultimately wrecking romantic romps. But alas, their efforts, while admirable, have seemingly been a waste of time.

Research into the orgasm gap—a slice of data suggesting that men almost always get off during partnered porking, while women are mostly left unsatisfied—indicates that sexual society, unfortunately, is still far from coming together. In light of this imbalance, sex therapists often point to oral sex as one of the leading activities to help more women enjoy a toe-curler more often, but there’s a problem even with that potential solution. Oral sex is undoubtedly the source of many grumbles in the bedroom. The guy might complain that his lady isn’t puckering up enough to meet his knob-slobbering standards, while the bulk of her grievances is that he either won’t eat pussy or does it like he’s munching on an ear of corn. And neither of them feels confident enough in the relationship to bring it up to the other, which results in animosity. Yep, such a silent imbalance is the presumed cause of many breakups, divorces and some good, old-fashioned infidelity. 

“My partners and I have definitely fought over a lack of [oral sex],” Amanda, 38, tells

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