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October 2021

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Call Me Daddy?

What does it say about a woman if she likes to call her lover by a paternal pet name? And what about the guys who like it? We dive into the complicated issue. It should be considered a dark stain on the fabric of society that couples are required to have cutesy pet names for...

Love Bites

Looking to sink your teeth into the act of erotic biting? Chew on this… Love hurts, especially when the people we choose to love—regardless of whether it’s for a night, a week or just until something better comes along—insist on biting all over our bodies like they’re gnawing on an old rubber chew toy. We’re...

The Science of Flirting

Not sure if someone is expressing romantic interest in you, or if they’re just being friendly? You’re not alone. Luckily, the scientific community is here to help. Peter (not his real name) thinks he’s a catch. The 38-year-old has a thriving career, his own apartment and no crazy exes. But when it comes to flirting...