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May 2024

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Odette’s Adventures in Fetishland
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Odette’s Adventures in Fetishland

Once upon a time, a tiny titillator had a curious thought: What if she asked her gentlemen admirers what they would most like to see her do? Things soon became curiouser and curiouser…  

The first custom video request I ever got was me being tied up and wiggling around struggling. I wanted to keep it very discreet, so I did weird self-bondage with my tripod in my little crappy living room. The guy loved it so much he ordered three more. I asked him, “Can I sell these after I give you some alone time with them?” He’s like, “Yeah. I don’t care.” So I’m like,Wow, I’m being paid now to make a video that I can turn around and sell. That is why model/producers are going to reap the most profits if they do it correctly. We don’t have to pay for talent, we get paid off the bat, and we still can maintain ownership of the rights to sell it.

The diaper requests came pretty early. The first person to order them was a wealthy Mexican man. I said, “You want me to buy Depends from Wal-Mart and pee in them?” He said, “Yes, this is exactly what I want to see.” And he gave me this very detailed outline. He wanted me to have five wettings in this short video. So basically what I had to do was drink a half gallon of coffee, and whenever I had to go pee throughout the afternoon, I would turn back on the camera and wet it again.

To this day I can honestly say I’ve never fake-wet a diaper for any of my clients. There are whole diaper production studios now, and they hire me because they know I’m okay with doing it. Some of them, they’ll do fake. They’ll just pour warm apple juice in a diaper or something like that. I do it for real. I think that’s why I have so many repeat buyers. It’s easy to prove that I’m actually wetting the diaper because I won’t cut. You see the diaper; you see it fill up. There’s also a blue dye indicator that shows when a paraplegic needs to be changed.

People who are into diapers, I would break them down into two groups: those who like people wearing diapers but acting as adults and those who want people to be babies in the diapers—adult babies. The fetish is called AB/DL. It’s adult babies or diaper lovers. A lot of people, they like both. They just like anything with diapers.

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