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Porn From the Past

In what looks to be a still from the first celebrity sex tape ever, It Girl lookalike Clara shows how “it” is done. Thanks to B.O. of San Gabriel, California, for this vintage photo. Send your...

Hardcore Metal: The Filth & Fury of Steel Panther

“Bukkake Tears,” “Pussywhipped,” “Fucking My Heart in the Ass” and “Gangbang at the Old Folks Home.” New...

Odette’s Adventures in Fetishland

Once upon a time, a tiny titillator had a curious thought: What if she asked her gentlemen admirers what they would most like to see her do? Things soon became curiouser and...

HUSTLER Flashback

We continue our 40th Anniversary stroll down Memory Lane with a look back at two far-out layouts—“Lust in Space” from December ’79 and “Gold Fingers” from October ’82. HUSTLER: For the...

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Mars Needs Pussy

Photography by Ladi von Jansky
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Jasmine Caro


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Cherry Hilson

Flirt With Danger

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Lucy Tyler

About a Girl

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Larry's Statement

Where Are the Jobs?

Election year is a favorite time to lament slow job growth. The vast majority of voters are at the mercy of the job market and rightfully expect their elected officials to foster a thriving economy in which they can find and maintain gainful employment. In fact, new poll data says that today’s bleak employment outlook…

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Cece Adams

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Mika Lee

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Shelby Star

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Asshole of the Month: George Will

Asshole of the Month: George Will

When we chose Pulitzer Prize-winning George Will as this month’s Asshole, we extended him an unprecedented offer: We invited him to write the column himself. Who better than the...

U.S. Education is Flunking

I wasn’t surprised to see the Wall Street Journal headline “High School Seniors’ Test Scores Stagnate,” but it did bolster my belief that Americans must address the short-comings in...

2nd Amendment Double Standard

Once again some nutcase finds it all too easy to lay his hands on an arsenal he has no reasonable need to possess, and innocent people are randomly slaughtered....